Will Energy Drinks Hurt Blood Vessels?

A study presented at the November 2018 American Heart Association conference claimed, “Just one energy drink may hurt blood vessel function.” It’s been a few months since the last “energy drinks are killing people” freak out, so I suppose we were due.  Instead of pointing out all the limitations in the study (because this Healthline article beat me to it and did a great job) I’m going to skip the science for today and just talk about the 10 energy drinks that will not hurt your blood vessels.

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When Does Coffee Become an Energy Drink? Science Behind Starbucks Doubleshot

As a biochemist who researches energy drinks, I get asked all the time why people need energy drinks and why people can’t just drink coffee instead. There’s no easy way to answer these questions, but it helps if we look at the products which blur the lines between “coffee” and “energy drink”. Read more

Bai Sparkling, Cocaine Energy, and Monster Ultra Violet: July Recap of Quick Reviews – Science of Energy Drinks

Here’s a recap of the quick reviews posted this month for the “Science of Energy Drinks” series on the GreenEyedGuide Instagram and Facebook pages: Bai Sparkling Antioxidant Infusion, Cocaine Energy, and Monster Ultra Violet.

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Energy Drink of the Month – March 2014: FRS Healthy Energy

Planning for spring break or for bikini season? Feel sluggish and off-schedule due to Daylight Savings Time? Want a healthy energy boost without the sugar, the long lines at the coffee shop, or the concerned stares of your friends and colleagues?

If so, I’ve got the perfect energy drink for you. Yes, such a thing does exist, but this product is another energy drink in disguise so you don’t have to conceal your can or worry about those “(all) energy drinks are dangerous” lectures. (I’ve had 5 of those incidents thus far this year, anyone else?)

The Energy Drink of the Month for March 2014 is FRS Healthy Energy Citrus Pomegranate.

Energy Drink March 2014 Healthy Energy
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Other flavors are available, but I don’t like to drink my calories so I prefer the Low Cal option. Furthermore, I’m happy with the coincidental pomegranate theme I’ve got going on right now (see the picks for January and February).

5 Reasons to Pick FRS Healthy Energy

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