GreenEyedGuide 2020

The GreenEyedGuide Mission

Support those in nutrition and health services by providing information on the latest research in caffeine.

Help those who drink caffeine optimize their intake based on the biochemistry of caffeine.

Help those who struggle with fatigue, from boredom to burnout, through Fatigue Risk Management training.

GreenEyedGuide in Action

Speaker, Lake Country Currents: Using the 5 Levels of Fatigue to Feel More Energized and Empowered

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Lake Country Currents is a networking group for entreprenuers, bloggers, influencers, and creatives in the greater Waukesha County area.The magic of women supporting women, of fellow entrepreneurs sharing in each other’s fears and goals, community building, and more!

Speaker, Cal State LA Student Dietetic Association: The Effects of Caffeine and Energy Drinks

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The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) at Cal State LA is a group open to all CSULA students who are passionate about nutrition, food, and overall health. SDA’s mission is to encourage student involvement and provide guidance and networking opportunities within the dietetics, nutrition, and food industries while encouraging healthy dietary practices in the community through education.

Featured Guest, Local First Podcast: Caffeine, Energy Drinks, and Managing Fatigue from Boredom to Burnout

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Podcast coming soon! (eta mid-Nov 2019)

About the Show

The Local First Podcast shares the stories of local business owners and fascinating entrepreneurs.

GreenEyedGuide will lead an interactive workshop to address fatigue in the workplace using the GreenEyedGuide 5 Levels of Fatigue and the 5 Levels of Fatigue Defense from the ACOEM.

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Palmer Johnson Power Systems delivers service excellence built on innovation, product expertise, urgency, and strong manufacturer partnerships. 

GreenEyedGuide will be submitting a research paper abstract for consideration. Research includes analysis of the top-selling energy drink brands and compliance with industry best practices.

Submitted! See Post

Speaker, Ozaukee Community High School: How to Use the 5 Levels of Fatigue to Avoid Caffeine Overdose

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Ozaukee Community High School is an alternative education program for underserved students in grades 9-12. Student options include both credit attainment and GED Option 2. This individualized, self-paced program is specifically targeted toward students who are at-risk of not graduating high school and are in need of either credit attainment to get back on track or the GED Option 2 for graduation.

Guest Lecturer, California State University of Long Beach class FSCI 101– Franken Food: Fact or Science Fiction: What do we do about the dangers of energy drinks?

This lecture will include a review of news media and the corresponding or conflicting data in scientific journals.

  • Part One: Do energy drinks kill people?
  • Part Two: Do Energy Drinks Send More People to the Hospital?
  • Part Three: Are Energy Drinks More Dangerous Than Soda and Coffee?
  • Discussion: Should we ban energy drinks? If not, what can we do?

Speaker, Fullerton College Nutrition Club: Effects of Caffeine and Energy Drinks

The Nutrition Club supports students interested in nutrition and food science by providing opportunities such as networking, social events, guest speakers and community outreach.

Guest Lecturer, Fullerton College class Careers in Nutrition and Foods: What I Do and How I Got Here

A high school junior falls in love with nutrition and chemistry. How did this young science nerd become an expert in energy drinks and a project manager for an IT consulting firm? GreenEyedGuide reviews her unusual career path and how nutrition and food science majors can prepare for the unexpected.

Speaker, California State University of Long Beach Peer Heath University Network: How to Use Caffeine for Exams Without Dying + A Review of Recent Research: Caffeine Use on College Campuses

PHUN is a student-led organization working to educate CSUF students on various health topics ranging from alcohol and drug abuse, the consequences of distracted driving, managing stress, and other health topics.

Looking for an engaging speaker on caffeine, energy drinks, or fatigue?