How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t

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I see you, trying to power through your to-do list even though you’re tired enough to collapse.

I see you, sacrificing your sleep (and maybe your health?) because people are counting on you.

I see you, brewing another cup of coffee or chugging another energy drink to help you get through a long day.

I see you and I get it because that’s my life, too. That’s why I wrote this book.

This book is a realistic guide for people who need to get things done, even when they feel like poop.  

How to Get Sh*t Done - Best Seller on Amazon

Productivity for the Sleep Deprived

Realistic tips for people who rarely get a full night’s sleep but still have to focus and work hard the next day.

The Boredom to Burnout Scale

Identifying boredom, burnout, and everything between. Tips to keep fatigue from ruining your relationships.

More Energy With Less Caffeine

How to get the benefits of caffeine without jitters, anxiety, and other side-effects. Real examples of coffee, tea, and energy drinks per “Level of Fatigue”.

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I thought it was going to be about drinking more and more caffeine to get stuff done and how to be safe about it, but it wasn’t. It is actually a guide to help you understand and learn WHEN you should and shouldn’t have caffeine. The author developed a 5 Levels of Fatigue system and discusses at which levels you do and don’t need caffeine and recommends what you should and shouldn’t do at specific levels of fatigue.

Professor Robert Shewfelt

Robert Shewfelt

Professor Emeritus, Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia

What a delightful book! The author has become my go-to person on the subject of caffeine. In this book, she takes a different approach by helping us determine the status of our fatigue and how to strategically use caffeine to accomplish what we need to accomplish.

What You'll Learn in "How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t"

No fluff. No filler – you can read the entire book during your next lunch break!

In less than 100 pages, you’ll learn:

  • How to reduce the fatigue causing employee turnover, mistakes, and injuries

  • Why taking a nap can backfire when you’re exhausted

  • How to prepare for “Energy Emergencies” so you don’t disappoint people who depend on you

  • How to focus your mind without caffeine when you’re sleep-deprived

  • How caffeine can affect you differently whether it comes from coffee, tea, or energy drinks

Each chapter comes with examples of coffee, tea, and energy drinks, along with mental and physical exercises to help you wake up without caffeine.

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About the Author

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Danielle’s been studying caffeine and energy drinks since 2003. Danielle earned her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of California San Diego. She earned her master’s degree in Food Science/Food Chemistry from the University of California Davis.

Since the beginning of the “Energy Drink Boom”, Danielle wanted to be a resource – a guide – for people with questions about energy drinks. In fact, this is how she got the name “GreenEyedGuide”. Her mission is to help people work better, sleep better, and feel better.

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