GreenEyedGuide 2020


5 Levels of Fatigue Workshops

The 5 Levels of FatigueTM helps companies improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Session Outline:

  • Diagnostic – See live results with a short Level of Fatigue assessment
  • Why Fatigue Matters – The Economics of Drowsy Employees and Employee Turnover
  • Workplace 2020 – Why Working With Millenials and Generation Z is So Different
  • Using the 5 Levels of FatigueTM – Nutrition and Caffeine
  • Using the 5 Levels of FatigueTM – Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

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Caffeine and Energy Drinks

GreenEyedGuide reviews what we know and what we don’t in a TED-talk style discussion followed by Q&A. Possible Topics:

  • From 5-Hour Energy to Zevia All-Natural Energy Drink: The Caffeinated Beverage Specrum, Consumer Trends, and Market Outlook
  • Coffee, Energy Drinks, and Heart Health
  • How Coffee, Tea, and Energy Drinks Affect the Body
  • From Four Loko to Vodka Red Bull: Understanding the Risks of Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol
  • To Ban or Not To Ban? Energy Drink Bans and Regulations Worldwide
  • What’s In My Drink (and Why): From Beta-Alanine to Yerba Mate

E-books coming soon!