“As a caffeine fanatic, I look for credible resources to help me make better decisions for both personal and business needs. After reading Danielle’s book I believe I learned a great deal more than what I thought I had learned prior. The internet is full of resources, but when my company needs to have credible information, we must seek advice from a professional to ensure we follow the core values of our company and maintain integrity. Danielle has provided us with sound information that has helped us make better decisions.”

Pete Algarin, President/COO at The Masters of Beverages, LLC

“The Food Science and Technology Association at California State University, Los Angeles had the pleasure of hosting Danielle as a guest speaker. She gave a compelling speech on caffeine consumption and common energy drink misconceptions. She is very knowledgeable and a great communicator which made the material engaging to our students. She made the presentation fun and interactive by giving out prizes to those who asked/answered questions. You can see how passionate she is about her work and I would certainly recommend her to colleagues interested in learning more about energy drinks.”

Violet Perez, Research Assistant at California State University Los Angeles

“It is easy to make a quick judgment these days. Every day we are trained to read the headline or listen to a sort bit of information and come to an all-encompassing conclusion. Energy drinks and caffeinated products are no different, one day you hear about the benefits, the next day you hear about the disadvantages. I would have to say most of the time I hear about the negative things for energy products.
Really the story is two sides of the same coin. What is missing from the media out there is the explanation of the science behind “energy” The GreenEyedGuide does this in a nice book format in “Are you a Monster or a Rock Star” by explaining all the different elements of these energy concoctions, in easy to understand terms. Furthermore the details on how they “give” you energy is discussed and examined.
We all know people that say they can drink 6 cups of coffee and not feel a thing. Should they start drinking 12 cups to feel the surge, should they stop drinking any coffee, or should they switch over to energy drinks? Does this person monitor there caffeine intake like their calorie intake?
Every person is different and what will work is accordingly different. That is why it is nice to talk to someone that has a deep understanding of these energy products and can clarify how it affects you individually. There is good and bad with all things in life some times we need a guide to help point to the good things, it is just an added bonus she has green eyes!”

Calvin Pendorf, reader review