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About My Book – The Energy Drink Guide

I’ve studied energy drinks and their ingredients since 2003. That was the year I first discovered energy drinks, and also the year started my college studies in biochemistry. While studying metabolic reactions, I studied how energy drink ingredients affected those reactions.  I continued to learn all I could about the science of energy drinks while I completed my master’s degree in Food Biochemistry.  In addition to collecting research papers, I collected and assessed hundreds of energy drinks from New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

My primary goal, right from the beginning, was to help people understand energy drinks like I do, so they could make informed decisions to skip them or sip them safely.

Energy drinks are not for everyone, but it’s folly to assume no one can benefit from them. For one thing, there are far too many energy drinks to assume they are always good or always bad.

In my book, I review 20 of the most common ingredients used in energy drinks. From the B-vitamins to yerba mate, this book explains what the ingredient is, what it does in the body, and how much is too much (or too little, in the case of vitamin deficiencies).

Instead of using confusing science jargon or overly generic terms like everybody else, I use clever anecdotes and examples that anyone (not just science-nerds) can relate to.

Take a look at the Book Excerpt of the Week for examples

Want an easy way to understand how B-vitamins work?

Folate and the exploding pen…

Vitamin B5, and a dog on a leash…

Read one vitamin section in this guide and you’ll never forget that vitamin’s role again.

In this book, I also review the ABC’s of caffeine safety: Adverse Event Reporting, Biological Sensitivity, and Consumption Specifics.

Did you know that how quickly someone consumes caffeine can alter its efficacy?

Did you know that a carbonated energy drink can feel more potent than a non-carbonated energy drink with the same caffeine content?

I share these tips and tricks through my blog and my book, in the hopes of helping people see past the confusion and find what works for them.

Energy Drink Guide [Amazon]

Book Details: Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: a guide to energy drink

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Available on Audible (click here), iTunes, Amazon (click here), Barnes & Noble, eBay and more (ask your local bookstore).