Are You a Monster or a Rock Star – A Guide to Energy Drinks

Are You a Monster or a Rock Star – About the Book

My primary goal with “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star” was to help people see energy drinks as I do, through my green eyes. I wanted to help people make informed decisions to skip them or sip them safely.

Energy drinks are not for everyone, but they’re not all as bad as the headlines would suggest. For one thing, there are far too many energy drinks to assume they are always good or always bad. There’s no standard formula, nor is there a standard amount of caffeine.

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These are all energy drinks


Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: Book Contents

In the first section of “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star”, you’ll learn what makes energy drinks dangerous or safe.

It’s not just the caffeine content that matters. It’s also tiny details like how fast that caffeine is consumed. Or whether you’re pregnant, nursing, dehydrated, or drunk.


In the second section, you’ll learn about 20 of the most common energy drink ingredients.

From the B-vitamins to yerba mate, this book explains what the ingredient is, what it does in the body, and how much is too much (or too little, in the case of vitamin deficiencies).

Not a science major? No worries!

There’s plenty of metaphors, movie references, and dad jokes to help you understand the key points.



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