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Energy drinks. Caffeine. Sleep-deprivation. Burnout. And science? The Caffeine at Midnight podcast is a short, no-BS, science-based podcast for people who drink caffeine and work beyond the 9-5.

The Caffeine At Midnight podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts (and also on YouTube!).

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Do you drink energy drinks? Do you drink them everyday? Do you drink multiple ones everyday? Then you just might be addicted to energy drinks. But why is that so bad when everyone else is addicted to coffee? In a stressed out world suffering from constant fatigue and low energy, so many of us have to find ways to stay energized or just stay awake, but is that necessarily bad?

Join Peter and Richard as they welcome caffeine scientist, author and speaker Danielle Robertson Rath as they discuss how to manage caffeine use in a healthy way.

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In this lengthy episode, Caffeine Scientist Danielle Robertson Rath busts the myth that more caffeine equals more energy. Danielle, the “GreenEyedGuide”, shares one big trick to fighting fatigue and burnout.

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In this episode, we talk through all aspects of the science behind caffeine — its chemical structure and half-life, where and how it’s being used, the good, bad, and the ugly, as well as practical advice for everyday consumption. If you consume caffeine of any sort, this is a must listen episode.

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Penny Zenker gets down to brass tacks with Danielle to discuss some important misconceptions that people carry to this day about productivity and stress management. If you feel like you’re slowly careening towards burnout territory, this discussion is definitely for you.

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It’s not everyday you get to meet a scientist who turned their passion into a business, so listen in on this episode and learn if you need to up your caffeine intake, are all energy drinks bad, and how to use coffee as a way to increase energy in healthy way!

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Host Rob Kochanski:

“Sit back and enjoy this episode. I learned so much about energy drinks and what works for me.”


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