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Caffeine at Midnight

Is getting good sleep a struggle? Is your cup of coffee the only thing that gets you out of bed? Do you have questions about energy drinks? If so, this podcast is for you!
Where you get your caffeine, how much, how fast, how often – these tiny details make a big difference in your physical and emotional exhaustion.
Caffeine Scientist GreenEyedGuide is here to guide you through it. Whether it’s your work, your kids, or your midterms stealing your sleep, GreenEyedGuide can help you beat burnout with caffeine science. Podcast References and Show Notes at GreenEyedGuide.com


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Caffeine at Midnight

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What does caffeine have to do with safety? A great deal, according to Caffeine Scientist GreenEyedGuide. In this episode, GreenEyedGuide chats with “The Positive Safety Coach”, Ted Carew about fatigue-related accidents and how to reduce them with Caffeine Science. 


Welcome to Social Capital where your host, Lori Highby, will dive into social relationships and how the investment you put into them establishes trust, reciprocity, and value within your network and community.
In this episode, learn how Danielle uses Caffeine Science to help companies beat burnout in the workplace.

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In this episode, Erin and GreenEyedGuide discuss the 5Ss of Caffeine to help tired moms maximize the effects of caffeine to get them through their day with busy littles.

To see Erin and Danielle’s previous blog collaboration and the diagrams referred to in the show, click here to see the post.

Coffee and Catnaps listeners – get a 50% discount on the GreenEyedGuide online course, built specifically for busy, tired moms! Use the code “mom” during checkout to save 50%!

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Do you drink energy drinks? Do you drink them everyday? Do you drink multiple ones everyday? Then you just might be addicted to energy drinks. But why is that so bad when everyone else is addicted to coffee? In a stressed out world suffering from constant fatigue and low energy, so many of us have to find ways to stay energized or just stay awake, but is that necessarily bad?

Join Peter and Richard as they welcome caffeine scientist, author and speaker Danielle Robertson Rath as they discuss how to manage caffeine use in a healthy way.

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In this lengthy episode, Caffeine Scientist Danielle Robertson Rath busts the myth that more caffeine equals more energy. Danielle, the “GreenEyedGuide”, shares one big trick to fighting fatigue and burnout.

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In this episode, we talk through all aspects of the science behind caffeine — its chemical structure and half-life, where and how it’s being used, the good, bad, and the ugly, as well as practical advice for everyday consumption. If you consume caffeine of any sort, this is a must listen episode.

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Penny Zenker gets down to brass tacks with Danielle to discuss some important misconceptions that people carry to this day about productivity and stress management. If you feel like you’re slowly careening towards burnout territory, this discussion is definitely for you.

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It’s not everyday you get to meet a scientist who turned their passion into a business, so listen in on this episode and learn if you need to up your caffeine intake, are all energy drinks bad, and how to use coffee as a way to increase energy in healthy way!

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Host Rob Kochanski:

“Sit back and enjoy this episode. I learned so much about energy drinks and what works for me.”


How do you get more energy when you work the night shift? How do you prepare for the night shift and recover from sleep-deprivation? Learn everything you need to know about preparing for the night shift in this virtual chat. Featuring Sleep and Fatigue Specialist Clinton Marquardt and Caffeine Scientist and Author GreenEyedGuide.


  • Inexpensive Fatigue Prevention tips – How to get a better night sleep when you work night shift
  • The 5S of Caffeine – How to get MORE energy with LESS caffeine
  • Other Fatigue Countermeasures – What can you do when you’re tired at work?

Ready? Let’s go!

If you were looking for a definitive guide for all your energy drink questions, this is it. Standard energy drinks. Pre-workout drinks. Drinks with all-natural ingredients. CaffeineMan and GreenEyedGuide cover it all. With this series, you’ll get science-based, no-BS answers to the big question, “Are energy drinks bad for you?”
  • In Part One, you’ll find information about the stereotypical energy drinks and their ingredients.
  • Part Two focuses on caffeinated pre-workout drinks. These types of drinks have ingredients intended to give exercise benefits.
  • The final episode, Part Three, features healthy energy drinks that even the worst energy drink hater would enjoy.

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