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Welcome to the GreenEyedGuide blog archives. Here you’ll find posts about specific energy drink brands, how caffeine affects the body, energy drink safety, and more.

Caution- The GreenEyedGuide blog dates back to 2013! The old stuff is, shall we say, not my best writing. Though the content is still valuable, in my biased opinion.

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blog cover for GreenEyedGuide about ER related ER visits

The Trouble with the “Energy Drink Related ER Visits” Stat

The stat “energy drinks related ER visits have doubled” appears in energy drink news articles all the time. But that’s not the whole story. Caffeine Scientist GreenEyedGuide reviews the science behind this statistic. Learn what to say instead and what energy drink users can do/drink.Read more The Trouble with the “Energy Drink Related ER Visits” Stat


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