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About Danielle Robertson Rath, the "GreenEyedGuide"

Danielle Robertson Rath is the leading authority on the science behind caffeine and energy drinks. Best-selling author of How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t. Host of the Caffeine at Midnight podcast. Founder of GreenEyedGuide Research and Consulting.

Danielle’s been studying caffeine and energy drinks since 2003. Danielle earned her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of California San Diego. She earned her master’s degree in Food Science/Food Chemistry from the University of California Davis.

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GreenEyedGuide with How to Get Sh*t Done Book
Danielle Robertson Rath, better known as “GreenEyedGuide”, serves the sleep-deprived and overwhelmed. She became a resource – a GUIDE – by using her science background to answer questions about energy drinks. As the founder of GEG Research and Consulting, she helps people who work long hours and use caffeine to get through the day. GreenEyedGuide has helped shift workers, nurses, college students, and small business owners. Her mission is to help people beat burnout and spend fewer days as a walking zombie. Like the title of her best-selling book, GreenEyedGuide teaches people “How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t”.

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