5 Ways Coffee is Better Than Energy Drinks

I enjoy my caffeine in many different forms. But sometimes, coffee is a better choice than an energy drink.

In terms of biology, caffeine is caffeine is caffeine. However, sometimes, coffee offers things energy drinks cannot. Sometimes, coffee is better than an energy drink.

Hi. I’m Caffeine Scientist GreenEyedGuide. In this episode of the Caffeine at Midnight podcast, I’ll share 5 benefits of choosing coffee versus energy drinks.

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how coffee beats energy drinks

Podcast and Show Notes

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5 Ways Coffee is Better Than Energy Drinks

The "Let's Grab Coffee" Effect

Coffeehouses have always been places of intellectual thinking and discussion. Even during times of COVID, there's something comforting about the offer to "Grab a Coffee" with a friend.

Coffee is Usually Savored

Chugging caffeine is bad. For example, multiple studies [see Reference 1, below] show that drinking 32 ounces of a caffeinated drink in less than an hour can increase blood pressure. Therefore, it's wise to sip and savor that caffeine. This is build into the culture of coffee - people normally savor the taste and smell. Furthermore, it's difficult to "chug" coffee because it could burn your throat.

Centuries of Safety

Since coffee has been around for decades longer than energy drinks, there's decades more research on its impact on the human body. [see Reference 2, below]

Less Complex Recipe Means Less Risk

It's easier to trust a cup of coffee from a random gas station than an energy drink from an unknown brand. The variety of energy drink ingredients means it's easier for fly-by-night supplement scammers to give you a product that's not safe. See Reference 3, "Confessions of a Shady Supplement Supplier".

Coffee is Warm

On a cold day, a warm cup of coffee sure beats a cold, refreshing energy drink.

coffee better than energy drinks
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