Preparing for the Night Shift

Preparing for the Night Shift

How do you get more energy when you work the night shift? How do you prepare for the night shift and recover from sleep-deprivation? Learn everything you need to know about preparing for the night shift in this virtual chat. Featuring Sleep and Fatigue Specialist Clinton Marquardt and Caffeine Scientist and Author GreenEyedGuide.


  • Inexpensive Fatigue Prevention tips – How to get a better night sleep when you work night shift
  • The 5S of Caffeine – How to get MORE energy with LESS caffeine
  • Other Fatigue Countermeasures – What can you do when you’re tired at work?

Ready? Let’s go!

Danielle Robertson Rath GreenEyedGuide speaking event

New to this blog? Hi there! I research caffeine, energy drinks, and fatigue in the workplace.

I’ve been passionate about the science behind energy drinks since 2003. After getting my degrees in biochemistry and food science, I wrote a book all about energy drink ingredients and safety concerns.

I know what it feels like to work crazy hours and need caffeine to help me juggle my responsibilities. As a result, my mission as the “GreenEyedGuide” is to help people who deal with caffeine and fatigue on a regular basis. Through my books and training, I help them Work Better. Sleep Better. Feel Better.

Preparing for the Night Shift: Fatigue Prevention and Countermeasures

Preparing for the Night Shift means taking steps to prevent fatigue. In other words, what are you going to do to make sure you get enough sleep, good food, and the right mindset?
Additionally, preparing for the night shift requires a back-up plan or, Fatigue Countermeasures. In other words, you will inevitably feel tired when you work the night shift. So what can you do about it to feel more alert? What should you do to stay productive and safe?
Sleep and Fatigue Specialist Clinton Marquardt and Caffeine Scientist and Author GreenEyedGuide have the answers you need!

Time Stamps:

  • 6:06 How NOT to drink caffeine
  • 8:07 Defining Prevention versus Countermeasures
  • 9:53 How to PREPARE for Night Shift
  • 12:05 Fatigue PREVENTION and Strategically Timing your Caffeine
  • 16:45 Should you take Melatonin?
  • 23:00 Other INEXPENSIVE Fatigue Prevention Tips
  • 27:15 Fatigue Countermeasures – So you’re tired at work, NOW WHAT?
  • 28:00 5Ss of Caffeine – SIP
  • 29:00 The Proven Power of the Placebo Effect
  • 30:00 5S of Caffeine – SWITCH, plus Caffeine Dosing Recommendations
  • 32:30 Do the other ingredients in energy drinks actually do anything?
  • 35:00 Coffee vs Energy Drinks and Caffeine Content
  • 36:50 How to drink caffeine DURING your night shift
  • 38:45 Should you have caffeine right before you drive home?
  • 39:30 Napping on the job and 5S of Caffeine – STOP
  • 41:00 5S of Caffeine – SLEEP, plus Sleep Inertia 101
  • 49:00 When NOT to have caffeine, 5S of Caffeine – SKIP
  • 51:42 The 5S of Caffeine, RECAP
  • 52:00 SUMMARY of Fatigue Prevention Strategies
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Meet the Experts

Clinton Marquardt

Changing minds about sleep & fatigue one night at a time.

As one of Canada’s top Sleep & Fatigue Specialists, Clinton takes the latest in fatigue science and turns it into practical, implementable solutions that reduce the risk of fatigue and propel the health, safety and productivity of your 24/7 workforce towards excellence.

Clinton is the only Sleep & Fatigue Specialist qualified by the Superior Court of Canada to serve as an expert witness and he lends his expertise to provincial and federal accident investigations. Clinton modernized the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s approach to understanding the influence of fatigue on human performance, accidents and incidents and he wrote the TSB’s Guide to Investigating Sleep-Related Fatigue.

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Your guide to the science behind caffeine, energy drinks, and burnout.

Danielle’s been studying caffeine and energy drinks since 2003. Even back then, she wanted to be a resource – a guide – for people with questions about energy drinks. In fact, this is how she got the name “GreenEyedGuide”.
GreenEyedGuide is your guide to the science behind caffeine, energy drinks, and burnout. Her mission is to help people work better, sleep better, and feel better.
With her passion for caffeine and science, GreenEyedGuide has done hundreds of presentations for parents, athletes, and college students. She’s been a guest lecturer at Cal State Long Beach, a speaker at the Wisconsin State Fire Chief’s Symposium, and a guest on podcasts like Take Back Time and Brain Science.
To learn more about GreenEyedGuide’s speaking and workshops, visit

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