Your Realistic Guide to Getting Sh*t Done

  • Is sleep is the first casualty in your battle to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities?
  • Do you wish you could feel more energized and enthusiastic about your work, even when you’re exhausted?
  • Do you rely on caffeine like a piece of armor to help you mentally “suit up” for what life throws at you?

Finally, there’s a book for people who need to get sh*t done, even when they feel overwhelmed, burned out, or exhausted.

new book on how to get sh*t done - secretes to caffeine, motivation, productivity
How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t: The Secret to Caffeine, Motivation, and Productivity for the Sleep-Deprived and Overwhelmed

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I thought it was going to be about drinking more and more caffeine to get stuff done and how to be safe about it, but it wasn’t. It is actually a guide to help you understand and learn WHEN you should and shouldn’t have caffeine. The author developed a 5 Levels of Fatigue system and discusses at which levels you do and don’t need caffeine and recommends what you should and shouldn’t do at specific levels of fatigue.

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What a delightful book! The author has become my go-to person on the subject of caffeine. In this book, she takes a different approach by helping us determine the status of our fatigue and how to strategically use caffeine to accomplish what we need to accomplish.

    • Robert Shewfelt, Professor Emeritus, Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia
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Topics Covered

Productivity for the Sleep Deprived

Realistic tips for people who have to muster the energy to get work done after getting little to no sleep PLUS how to reduce risk of injury when sleep-deprived

Identifying All Forms of Fatigue

How to identify fatigue, from boredom to burnout PLUS what you can do to keep fatigue from ruining your relationships and mental health

The Science of Caffeine

Detailed guidance on what coffee, tea, and energy drinks work best for each Level of Fatigue PLUS how to get the benefits of caffeine without jitters, anxiety, and other side-effects

No fluff. No filler – you can read the entire book during your next lunch break!

In less than 100 pages, you’ll learn:

  • How to reduce the fatigue causing employee turnover, mistakes, and injuries

  • Why taking a nap can backfire when you’re exhausted

  • How to improve work-life balance and stop feeling overwhelmed (without disappointing people who depend on you)

  • How to focus your mind without overdosing on caffeine when you’re sleep-deprived

  • How caffeine can affect you differently whether it comes from coffee, tea, or energy drinks

Each chapter comes with examples of coffee, tea, and energy drinks, along with mental and physical exercises to help you wake up without caffeine.

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Take a peek inside the book to see:

Who Should Read This Book

What Is Fatigue?

What's Wrong With All the Other Advice on Getting Things Done or Beating Fatigue

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