Your Realistic Guide to Getting Sh*t Done

Do you work long, unusual, or unpredictable hours? Is sleep is the first casualty in your battle to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities? Do you constantly feel overwhelmed, overworked, or over/under-caffeinated? If so, this book is for you!

new book on how to get sh*t done - secretes to caffeine, motivation, productivity
How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t: The Secret to Caffeine, Motivation, and Productivity for the Sleep-Deprived and Overwhelmed

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Productivity for the Sleep Deprived

A realistic guide to getting things done for people who are running on little to no sleep on a regular basis

The Cost of Fatigue

How fatigue increases likelihood of quitting your job, making mistakes, and getting hurt, plus the baby steps for big results you can take right away to do something about it

Caffeine Dos and Don'ts

How caffeine affects the body plus how to make sure caffeine doesn't sabotage your sleep **and** the difference between coffee, tea, and energy drinks

No fluff. No filler – you can learn this system in less than an hour!

In this condensed workbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to convince your boss that ignoring fatigue increases the chances of you quitting your job, making mistakes, and getting hurt

  • How to get things done when you’re running on little to no sleep

  • Why it’s dangerous to take a nap at work when you’re exhausted

  • How to improve work-life balance and stop feeling overwhelmed (without disappointing people who depend on you)

  • How to focus your mind without overdosing on caffeine when you’re sleep-deprived

  • How caffeine can affect you differently whether it comes from coffee, tea, or energy drinks

  • Why the amount of caffeine you drink, from where, how quickly, and at what time of day can all make a difference in your ability to stay awake and alert

Each chapter comes with examples of coffee, tea, and energy drinks, along with mental and physical exercises to help you wake up without caffeine.

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What Is Fatigue?

What's Wrong With All the Other Advice on Getting Things Done or Beating Fatigue

What Readers Say

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