GreenEyedGuide Caffeine Challenge Day 10/10 – 10 Tips for Label Reading

For the 10th and final day of the GreenEyedGuide Caffeine Challenge we review the 10 things on a label to check before consuming a caffeinated beverage or other health/functional beverage.

Thank you for playing along with the Caffeine Challenge! You can always share your favorite caffeinated beverages with me on Instagram/ Facebook/Twitter and tag @GreenEyedGuide.

Through this challenge, you’ll learn how to use the 5 Levels of Fatigue to reap the benefits of caffeine while avoiding addiction, dependence, tolerance, and toxicity.

Energy Drinks and Exams – How They Can Help and How to Use Them Safely

It’s almost Christmas, which means Finals Week for many of you college students. As an early holiday gift, please enjoy this free handout on how to use energy drinks effectively to get through exams.

Free Flyer Handout: Energy Drinks and Exams

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GreenEyedGuide reviews How to Hydrate on The Scientific Parent

Do you remember Capri Sun? What about Sunny D? Surely you remember getting a juice box in your lunch when you were little. Kids these days may never understand the frustration of trying to open a cardboard pint of milk, but let’s think of the frustration of parents these days. It can be confusing trying to pick the best drink for your kid with all the Mio-wannabes, alternative milks, and other “functional beverages” that don’t quite fit the definition of water, juice or tea.

As flu-season draws to a close and the time for summer sports approaches, we review the best beverages to give your kid (or younger siblings) in three situations: when they’re sick, when they’re physically active, and when they’re headed to school for a normal day.

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