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GreenEyedGuide is the company owned and founded by Danielle Robertson Rath, aka “GreenEyedGuide”, biochemist, speaker, and author of “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: A Guide to Energy Drinks – How They Work, Why They Work, How to Use Them Safely”.

GreenEyedGuide is your guide to the science behind caffeine and energy drinks, providing science-based answers to questions about caffeine safety, effectiveness, and dependence.

Danielle earned her master’s degree in Food Science/Food Chemistry from the University of California Davis and her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of California San Diego.

Experience and Expertise: Lectures, Consulting, Evaluations.

My Story

(a.k.a. how the stars aligned to make me so passionate about caffeine, energy drinks, and fatigue)

My primary goal, right from the beginning, was to help people understand caffeinated drinks like I do, as if they were seeing these drinks through my green eyes. That’s how this moniker was born.

When Monster Energy hit US markets, I had just started my advanced studies in nutrition and biochemistry. I heard the hype, I read the news stories about kids having energy drinks for breakfast, and I knew how and why energy drinks worked thanks to my college courses. I was immediately fascinated by these caffeinated products, and that’s when the dream to write a book and my insight with others began.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of California San Diego and a master’s degree in food science and food biochemistry from the University of California Davis. I grew up without energy drinks and without coffee shops on every corner.

I hated the bitter taste of coffee and tea and learned to live without soda thanks to those years of wearing braces. In short, I learned how to make do without caffeine. And yet, I could not have survived college and grad school without caffeine. I had to balance two part-time jobs as a full-time student. I couldn’t have done this without caffeine in general and energy drinks in particular.

During grad school, I developed a system called the “5 Levels of Fatigue”. It started out as a system to help people consume caffeine more systematically – if you always drink the most potent drinks, caffeine’s not going to work on those days you need it the most.

As I grew as a professional, so did my beloved “5 Levels of Fatigue” system. This system has evolved so it is not just for caffeine consumers. The 5 Levels of Fatigue helps companies of all sizes and industries improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. After all, fatigue isn’t just about caffeine and a good night’s sleep – it’s also about boredom and mental stimulation.

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