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What does caffeine have to do with burnout?

First of all, people turn to caffeine when they’re emotionally exhausted, but caffeine can’t cure that kind of tiredness. As a result, caffeine can backfire and leave one feeling more anxious than they started.

Secondly, nearly 90% of the adult population drinks caffeine on a daily basis. For most people, it’s part of the daily routine, like putting on pants. As a result, we’re often oblivious to how much caffeine impacts our overall health and mental well-being.

Finally, not all caffeinated drinks are created equal. The energy drink market is expected to reach $84 billion dollars by 2025. Even coffee drinks have started tapping into the market by adding ingredients like guarana, ginseng, and B-vitamins. Having a “just say no to energy drinks” policy is ineffective when so many new energy drinks look nothing like the stereotype.

Most employee wellness programs fail because they oversimplify or overlook the relationship between caffeine, stress, and sleep. This is what makes GreenEyedGuide’s system more effective and realistic, especially for people who work outside the hours of 9-5.

With nearly 20 years of experience researching caffeine and energy drinks, GreenEyedGuide can help you see caffeine the way she does, through her green eyes. Her insight will help you perform your best when feeling your worst. In other words, you’ll be able to “Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t.

If you’re tired of hearing “just get more sleep” or “that energy drink is going to kill you”, then THIS is the site for you.

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My mind is blown about what we just learned about caffeine! As nurses, we are educated on the basics of caffeine as a drug when we administer it to patients. We are not educated on how to use it safely ourselves. It is still a drug! I'm so thankful for Danielle for teaching us tonight!
As a Specialist in the area of sleep-related fatigue, I thought I knew a fair bit about caffeine and how to use it strategically. Wow, was I impressed when I got to know and work with Danielle Robertson Rath! She truly is an expert in her field and has taught me quite a few things about caffeine that I can now pass on to my clients, and of course use myself.
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