Are energy drinks bad for you?

If you’re wondering about energy drinks and health risks, these posts are for you. Over the years, I’ve addressed several questions about what energy drinks do to the human body, energy drink-related hospitalizations, and more.

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Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

If you were looking for a definitive guide for all your energy drink questions, this is it. Standard energy drinks. Pre-workout drinks. Drinks with all-natural ingredients. CaffeineMan and GreenEyedGuide cover it all. With this series, you’ll get science-based, no-BS answers to the big question, “Are energy drinks bad?”

Energy Drinks and Hospitalizations Checklist: How to Ask The Right Questions

It’s happened again. Someone was admitted to the hospital after consuming an energy drink. Reporters cover the story and include warnings about these controversial drinks but have you ever read these news stories and felt like something was missing? In this post, I’ll review some real examples of energy drinks in the news to demonstrate…

Will Energy Drinks Hurt Blood Vessels?

A study presented at the 2018 American Heart Association conference claimed, “Just one energy drink may hurt blood vessel function.” Instead of pointing out all the limitations in the study, I’m going to skip the science for today and just talk about the 10 energy drinks that will not hurt your blood vessels.

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