Caffeine and Panic Attacks – Book Excerpt of the Week

This Book Excerpt of the Week is from PART ONE: ABCs of Caffeine Safety – B=Biological Sensitivity. Did you know anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults every year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America? Did you know caffeine intakes of 700 milligrams can induce panic attacks in people who have never had them before? A panic attack involves sudden, powerful and often debilitating feelings of threat and fear.


Anxiety is one of the two most common conditions that could shuttle a former coffee lover into the Sensitive-to-Caffeine Camp. THIS IS WHY IT DRIVES ME CRAZY when people talk about energy drinks WITHOUT DISCLOSING THE AMOUNT OF CAFFEINE. Energy drinks caffeinated beverages and supplements are definitely not for everyone but energy drinks ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL.

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