A Nation in Need of Caffeine

This article for Time Magazine written by

(but it’s not like there are barriers to keep minors from purchasing this gum)

In November, when news of potential risks for 5-Hour Energy drinks were reported to the FDA, Andrea Giancoli, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told TIME that drinking caffeinated products in moderation likely isn’t a problem, but consuming caffeine in excess is what nutritionists and public health defenders are concerned about.
 (this has been a valid point that is often skipped over in news stories regarding energy drinks)

Agency officials are meeting with  companies that are releasing new caffeinated products, and have said that if studies show that energy drinks or any other foods were linked to deaths, they would force the manufacturers to take their products off the market. Until then, it’s up to customers to get educated about the caffeine content in their favorite products, and make educated decisions about how much is enough for them.

(never underestimate the power of an informed consumer)
Kudos to Alexandra Sifferlin for writing such a well-informed and helpful article.

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