The 5 Levels
of Fatigue

Tired of being tired? Tired of hearing, "just get more sleep" or "you drink too much caffeine"?
The 5 Levels of Fatigue is a toolkit for performing your best, even when feeling your worst.

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Danielle Robertson Rath (the “GreenEyedGuide”) helps those who work beyond the 9-5 perform their best when feeling their worst. Her system succeeds where other employee wellness systems fail because it’s specifically tailored for those who work long, unusual, or unpredictable hours.

Hence, “beyond the 9-5.”

Furthermore, GreenEyedGuide’s 5 Levels of Fatigue system is based on 20 years of experience researching caffeine and all the ways it affects performance sleep, and mental health. GreenEyedGuide has done presentations for nurses, first responders, safety professional, small business owners, and universities across the country.

If you’re ready for the secrets to “Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t”, book a workshop today.

"No, I am NOT coming to unplug your coffee machine. NOR am I going to shove energy drinks in your hands. INSTEAD, I'm going to help you see caffeine the way I do, through these green eyes. That's what makes me the GreenEyedGuide."
"As a Specialist in the area of sleep-related fatigue, I thought I knew a fair bit about caffeine and how to use it strategically. Wow, was I impressed when I got to know and work with Danielle Robertson Rath! She truly is an expert in her field and has taught me quite a few things about caffeine that I can now pass on to my clients, and of course use myself."

What does caffeine have to do with burnout?

Over 67% of employed Americans struggle with burnout. This burnout leads to billions of dollars in employee turnover, accidents, and illness.

Meanwhile, caffeine is the #1 coping mechanism for sleep-deprivation and stress. For some people, drinking caffeine is like putting on shoes – it’s part of the daily routine. As a result, it’s easy to miss the hints caffeine is making your stress and sleep-deprivation worse. Fortunately, small tweaks to these caffeine habits can drastically improve both physical and mental health.

Enter Caffeine Scientist, Best-selling Author, and Speaker GreenEyedGuide. Her 5 Levels of Fatigue system covers the intersection of mental health, nutrition, and employee safety. This novel approach has helped hundreds of college students, small business owners, and parents find realistic strategies for beating burnout.

5 levels of fatigue presentation for Palmer Johnson
5 Levels of Fatigue Workshop with national service provider and parts distributor for heavy-duty, off-highway equipment.
"My mind is blown about what we just learned about caffeine! As nurses, we are educated on the basics of caffeine as a drug when we administer it to patients. We are not educated on how to use it safely ourselves. It is still a drug! I'm so thankful for Danielle for teaching us tonight!"
5 Levels of Fatigue workshop with PHUN
5 Levels of Fatigue Workshop with Cal State Fullerton's Peer Health University Network - click or tap to enlarge

Beating Stress and Sleep Deprivation with the 5 Levels of Fatigue

In this workshop, attendees learn how to identify and respond to each of the “5 Levels of Fatigue”. GreenEyedGuide reviews the symptoms and consequences per level, as well as recommended science-based, realistic strategies. For every Level of Fatigue, attendees receive tips for optimizing nutrition, safety, and mental health.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to identify the 5 Levels of Fatigue
  • Develop a personalized “Game Plan” for every Level of Fatigue
  • Learn to spot the warning signs that indicate a larger change needs to be made

Watch GreenEyedGuide in Action

GreenEyedGuide has given presentations for groups from 5-500 people. Event hosts love her enthusiasm while attendees love her actionable tips and realistic approach to managing stress and sleep deprivation in the workplace.


  • [Keynote] Performing Your Best When Feeling Your Worst
  • Caffeine, Stress, and Sleep Deprivation
  • Optimizing Your Work with the 5S of Caffeine
  • Top Caffeine and Energy Drink Myths
  • Beating Workplace Burnout with the 5 Levels of Fatigue

Where Caffeine Meets Safety Meets Mental Health

Caffeine does improve mood and alertness…to a point. But where you get your caffeine, how much, how quickly you drink it, how often – these tiny details all make a huge difference in both physical and mental health.

“More Caffeine” does not always equal “More Alert.” Caffeine cannot prevent all fatigue-related accidents. Moreover, no amount of caffeine can cure burnout.

As a result, not paying attention to these “Caffeine Science” details can make stress and sleep deprivation worse. This is one of the reasons the 5 Levels of Fatigue should be the foundation for every workplace safety and wellness program.

5 Levels of Fatigue pyramid created by Danielle GreenEyedGuide Robertson Rath
Introducing the 5 Levels of Fatigue, developed by Caffeine Scientist, Author, and Speaker GreenEyedGuide
GreenEyedGuide cover

Meet the GreenEyedGuide

Danielle Robertson Rath knows what it’s like to work multiple jobs at once. She knows what it’s like to work night shift. And what it’s like to burnout working in a corporate environment. Danielle knows what it’s like when “just get more sleep” and “you drink too much caffeine” isn’t constructive advice.

As a full-time Biochemistry/Chemistry major working two jobs, Danielle made a decision. She would use her science background to help people use caffeine more strategically to get more OOMPH and fewer side-effects.

That’s why she became the “GreenEyedGuide”, to help people see caffeine the way she does, through her green eyes.

Most programs for stress and sleep deprivation fail because they overlook or oversimplify the relationship between caffeine, stress, and sleep. In truth, it’s much more complicated, especially with all the different ways people get caffeine these days. 

Furthermore, no amount of sleep or caffeine can help someone struggling with burnout. This is a lesson GreenEyedGuide learned the hard way, and it’s why the 5 Levels of Fatigue emphasizes strategies not just sleep deprivation, but for stress and mental heath too.

GreenEyedGuide’s 5 Levels of Fatigue system targets the intersection of caffeine, performance, and mental health. This system is based on 20 years of experience researching caffeine and energy drinks, and it’s helped thousands of people across all industries.

"After the workshop, having a better understanding of how caffeine actually works in different amounts, along with being more aware of my current fatigue level, has allowed me to make smarter choices about how and when I consume caffeine to get the most benefit from it. After making some very minor adjustments to my caffeine consumption, I immediately felt my fatigue level start to drop, and energy increase."
greeneyedguide podcast appearances

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