GreenEyedGuide Caffeine Challenge Day 2/10 – Wake Up SANS CAFFEINE

For Day 2 of the GreenEyedGuide Caffeine Challenge, we review tricks for waking up without caffeine: Water-swishing, hand-pinching, and more!


Ever been stuck in a conference or meeting or lecture where you feel yourself getting sleepy and don’t have any caffeine? These tricks can help in those awkward moments.


If you always reach for caffeine when you start feeling sluggish, you might end up having caffeine in some circumstances where you don’t REALLY need it. Having a few tricks to help yourself wake up without caffeine can help you avoid building caffeine tolerance or dependence.

Through this caffeine challenge, you’ll learn how to use the 5 Levels of Fatigue to reap the benefits of caffeine while avoiding addiction, dependence, tolerance, and toxicity.

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