Science Behind 5-Hour Energy Protein

The world of energy drinks is vast, and there isn’t enough time to give every drink the full “Energy Drink of the Month” deep dive review. In my attempt to guide my fans through this world of energy drinks, I like to share the science behind the various caffeinated beverages I come across in my travels.

Sometimes I am BOTH fascinated and wary of new energy products. Some online supplements seem rather shady to me, and sometimes protein drinks are clumpy and gross. Fortunately, this protein-plus-energy shot wasn’t awful. For this protein caffeine combo, we look at the key ingredients and what they do.

SCIENCE BEHIND 5-Hour Energy +Protein

🤓21g Protein from whey AND Potato!

  • Potato is not a common source of protein, and usually, the salt inhibits its use in large quantities.
  • Usually >20g protein is hard to keep in solution without some sort of thickener or gum (but there are none)

🤓Brain-Boosting ingredients choline and citicoline

  • 250mg daily was associated with improved attentional performance [We’ve talked about citicoline on GreenEyedGuide before with other energy drinks]

🤓Too many vitamins

  • 40mg/200% niacin (enough to cause Niacin Flush)
  • 40mg/2000% B6 and 500mg/8333% B12
  • You need 0.016mg B6 for every gram protein consumed but 100mg B6 can cause nerve damage
  • Consume all the B12 you want bc you’ll pee out the excess but NOTE B12 helps build red blood cells; More B12 doesn’t = more energy unless you have a B12 deficiency.

🤓230mg caffeine in one bottle

  • That means this product is for Fatigue Level 4! That’s like a Rockstar Energy! Drink this sloooowwwllllyyyyyy!

🤓Other Notable Ingredients: Taurine

  • Taurine, caffeine, and the B-vitamins are really the only stereotypical energy drink ingredients in this shot
  • Taurine is not bull sperm as some energy drink urban legends might suggest, it’s a bile salt we make in our bodies to help fats get more soluble and thus, more easily digested
  • As far as caffeine interactions go, caffeine and taruine seem to be safe according to a review by the European Food Safety Authority [Reference: Energy Drink Guide]

Bottom Line

This energy shot with protein offers a significant dose of protein, a high dose of caffeine, and practically no sugar (<1 gram). The only sweetener is an artificial one, and there are also articial flavors. Not that you have to be afraid of artificial sweeteners or flavors, but if you’re more inclined toward natural ingredients, this may not be the drink for you.

If you are looking for a protein + caffeine combo, this isn’t a terrible option, but there are other protein+caffeine combos with not quite as much caffeine, caffeine from natural sources, and natural flavors and sweeteners. Here’s one from Iconic which we’ve already reviewed.

You can find more about the science behind energy drink ingredients here at and within my book, “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: A Guide to Energy Drinks- How They Work, Why They Work, How to Use Them Safely” on Amazon (and now on Audible!!!).

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