Glucuronolactone – What Does It Do? Book Excerpt of the Week

Glucuronolactone is fun to say, in my opinion. Once you’ve got it down, it’s a musical mouthful. When doing research for my book, I remember being most intrigued by this energy drink ingredient because it was such a mystery ingredient. It’s certainly not a star player as far as effective ingredients go — if energy drink ingredients were football players, you definitely wouldn’t want to draft this one before the fourth round for your fantasy lineup.

For last week’s book excerpt, we talked about what glucuronolactone is. For this week’s Book Excerpt from “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star”, we consider one theory behind what glucuronolactone does and why it might be useful in energy drinks.

One theory is that it feeds a reaction called the Pentose Phosphate Pathway (P3).


This P3 reaction isn’t one of the primary ways the body makes energy (as the chemical form, ATP). However, P3 is responsible for ~30% of the glucose breakdown in the liver.

📕What else does glucuronolactone do?
📕What is a safe dose?
📕How much glucuronolactone is in the leading energy drink brands?
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