[Video] 5 Levels of Fatigue Tip of the Day #1

The 5 Levels of Fatigue is a system developed by (me) food scientist and biochemist Danielle Robertson, author of Are You a Monster or a Rock Star-A Guide to Energy Drinks. This system matches a Level of Fatigue with chemical properties (like carbonation, % fruit juice etc) of the corresponding beverage. Caffeine is not always the answer either! Level 1 is dehydration so water is the best option.

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Do you struggle with controlling caffeine intake? 1 Big Tip

Here at GreenEyedGuide one of the top three overarching themes to almost every post is “Matching your choice of caffeinated beverage with your Level of Fatigue is essential to mitigating caffeine dependence and tolerance.” But what if you struggle with caffeine intake?

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