Do you struggle with controlling caffeine intake? 1 Big Tip

Here at GreenEyedGuide one of the top three overarching themes to almost every post is “Matching your choice of caffeinated beverage with your Level of Fatigue is essential to mitigating caffeine dependence and tolerance.” But what if you struggle with caffeine intake?

Some people are hyper-sensitive to caffeine. Some people are hypo-sensitive or barely affected by caffeine. Then there are people who have an honest-to-goodness problem controlling their caffeine intake. Their caffeine dependency may be as serious as any other addiction, or it may be as habitual as the route you drive every weekday morning to school/work. But losing control – whether you’re in your car or just mentally in a downward spiral – is really frightening when you think about it. If you have ever felt even the slightest bit out of control of your caffeine habit, there is one tip I would give you.

My support for Caffeine Informer goes way back, as they maintain the  largest and most credible caffeinated product database. GreenEyedGuide’s biggest fans and (mutual) supporters at Caffeine Informer have just published a guide on how to break free of caffeine.  As someone who’s literally* written the book on energy drinks**, I’ve read more than my share of caffeine addiction advice. The lack of realistic and helpful advice is one of the reasons I developed the 5 Levels of Fatigue.

*pun intended | **available in every format, wherever books are sold

If you have ever struggled even a little bit with your caffeine intake – or you just want to get better at consuming less caffeine — I strongly urge you to check out this book. It’s a VERY quick read (I read it in one day), but the advice inside is potentially life-changing. Furthermore – you can get it for roughly the same cost as two Monsters or a Venti coffee!!!

Learn more about this guide here:



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