Energy Drinks in the News – The effects of Alpha-GPC versus caffeine on mood, cognitive function, and performance

Here at, my goal is to share the science behind energy drinks and their ingredients. In a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, caffeine goes head to head against Alpha-GPC in a battle of jitters and performance metrics. Which do you think is going to win?

This article is Open Access (hurray!) but, because it’s a poster presentation, it’s only two-pages long (aww….). Still, let’s dissect the details, shall we? Read more

GreenEyedGuide talks caffeine with Chemical and Engineering News

Don’t miss this Chemical & Engineering News article on sports nutrition products, including some caffeine insight from the GreenEyedGuide.

Read it here: Cover Story

Athletes Look To Sports Nutrition Products To Improve Performance

Convenient foods and supplements purport to boost energy and help competitors train harder. But do they work?

Volume 94 Issue 6 | pp. 10-15

Issue Date: February 8, 2016