Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

It’s easy to imagine truck drivers, nurses, and first responders struggling to stay awake on the job, but fatigue impacts every occupation at every level. Fatigue includes physical tiredness, feeling mentally overwhelmed, even boredom. It’s easy to normalize fatigue – to accept it as a natural consequence of doing business, however, doing so not only hurts employees, it hurts the customers and the company’s bottom line.

The good news is anyone in any industry can make a Fatigue Management plan. In this post, we’ll talk about

  • Why you SHOULDN’T ignore or try to “push past” the fatigue,
  • How fatigue is reshaping the workplace in 2020,
  • The 5 Levels of Fatigue, and
  • The 5 steps to building your own Fatigue Management plan

If you haven’t addressed fatigue in your workplace, here’s what you need to know to get started.

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