Science Behind FOCUSAID Nootropic Energy Drink

In 2003, all energy drinks looked the same. But today it’s not as easy to categorize the variety of caffeinated beverages on the market. FOCUSAID is a great example of a caffeinated beverage that blurs the categories. LIFEAID Beverage Company insists FOCUSAID is not an energy drink. But it is a drink that offers both an energy boost and a mental boost from nootropic ingredients.

In this post, we’ll review the key ingredients in FOCUSAID, how those ingredients relate to brain health, and how FOCUSAID compares to the energy drink stereotype.

Science Behind FOCUSAID Nootropic Energy Drink Hybrid

Hi there, I research caffeine, energy drinks, and fatigue in the workplace.

I’ve been passionate about the science behind energy drinks since 2003. After getting my degrees in biochemistry and food science, I wrote a book all about energy drink ingredients and safety concerns.

As the GreenEyedGuide, my goal is to help people see caffeinated drinks the way I do, through my green eyes. With my books and my speaking gigs, I help people drink caffeine more strategically so they feel more alert with less caffeine.

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Are Nootropics Safe?

You’ve probably heard that energy drinks are dangerous. But are nootropics safer than energy drinks?

This is part of a series on nootropics versus energy drinks. In this post, we’ll discuss how energy drinks and nootropics are regulated. Specifically, I’ll show you why these regulations matter when it comes to nootropics, energy drinks, and your health and safety.

Finally, I’ll give you 5 secrets to picking a safe nootropic.

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Nootropic Ingredients in Energy Drinks

Welcome to the GreenEyedGuide Quick Tips to Start Your Week series!

Should you even bother with nootropic drinks if you already drink energy drinks? While the term “nootropic” isn’t new, marketing something as a nootropic is a new, growing trend. As a result, let’s look at five of the top” nootropic ingredients which are also found in energy drinks. Are they safe? Do they even work?

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According to Caffeine Informer, “Nootropics are one of the fastest-growing supplement categories and these products are flooding the marketplace.”

What is a nootropic?

According to Webster’s dictionary, the word means “a substance that enhances cognition, memory, and facilitates learning.

Therefore, nootropic supplements contain a blend of herbs and other ingredients believed to promote optimal brain function.

[Source: Caffeine Informer, “Nootropics: Caffeine, Ingredients, and Warnings”]

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