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You know you’re in trouble when you wake up tired. You might’ve slept 6 hours but your alarm goes off and you feel exhausted. This is Fatigue Level 3, and June’s Energy Drink of the Month is dedicated to situations like these.

The Energy Drink of the Month for June 2014 is neuro® SONIC™.

energy drink of the month neuro
Energy Drink of the Month – June 2014

It’s one of those mornings that you hit snooze three times before you finally got up. You’ve been awake (technically) for an hour but you still feel like you’re dragging. At this level, a cup of tea isn’t going to do it. You’re not about to run a marathon or pull an all-nighter or work a vampire shift behind the bar, but you do have a full day ahead of you and you need to gear up for it.

– Excerpt from Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: A Guide to Energy Drinks.


Sometimes I need an energy drink that’s going to take me from I-have-to-look-at-videos-of-baby-huskies-to-get-me-through-the-day to I-want-to-drive-85mph-on-the-freeway-singing-“We’ve-all-got-the-spark”.

So why pick Neuro? 

3 Levels and 3 Reasons

1-Closure, Carbonation and Caffeine

When you wake up tired, it’s not easy to tell the difference between I’m-just-not-awake-yet, and I’m-so-tired-my-whole-body-hurts. If you always reach for the strongest source of caffeine, there’s a chance you’ll overcompensate and overconsume caffeine. You should always save the big doses and high-powered energy kicks for the most desperate energy deficiencies.

encouraging road signsSONIC’s uniquely shaped bottle features a twist-off cap, which makes it extraordinarily easy to moderate your intake. Take a sip here and there and you may find you don’t need the whole bottle to get you back on your feet. Feeling the fizz of the carbonation often helps the Placebo Effect, plus carbonation slightly irritates the stomach lining and makes it easier for caffeine molecules to be absorbed.

caffeine informer neuro
Caffeine Informer Database

Finally, the amount of caffeine in SONIC is perfect for those tough mornings. With 100 milligrams of caffeine, carbonation, and no fruit juice (except for color purposes), this is suitable for Fatigue Level 3. This drink is stronger than an 8oz can of Red Bull but doesn’t give you as much caffeine as a 16oz Monster or Rockstar — save those higher levels of caffeine for Fatigue Level 4!

2-Special Ingredients

In my line of work I’ve had the chance to review a plethora of special ingredients; ingredients that are added to a product because of a specific benefit linked to the consumption. Two such ingredients that stand out on the neuro® label are L-TeaActive and choline.
I first discovered the brain-boosting benefits of choline thanks to another energy drink. I’m not entirely sold on the science of choline (because it’s tricky to prove brain health and attribute it to one specific thing), but I enjoy seeing it on labels because it makes me feel good about the product. Very scientific justification, I know. In this case, choline, like glucosamine, is going to do nothing or it’s going to do something positive for your health, so it’s a no-lose situation.
Theanine promotes relaxation and focus, according to numerous studies on the benefits of green tea. It’s not surprising to see it in an energy drink because it’s the manufacturer’s way of making sure you get energized without being jittery. In this case, the theanine is coming from Blue California, who went through the trouble of applying for GRAS status for their brand, L-TeaActive. You can see the GRAS confirmation here: but I also recommend reading more about the implications (and costs!) of applying for GRAS status in this article by Justin J. Prochnow.

3-Another Energy Drink in Disguise

With the variety of energy drinks on the market, it’s always appealing to find one that doesn’t look like an energy drink. As I’ve indicated in several of this year’s Energy Drink of the Month picks, I like to find sources of caffeine without finding myself at the receiving end of disapproving stares or a lecture about how I’m ruining my heart (see Pop Quiz). Yes, I try to get my energy boost from water and tea whenever possible, but sometimes I need something stronger. Since our company mantra is about helping people live healthier lives, I can’t exactly carry a Monster-wannabe around the office. SONIC provides that caffeine boost without the temperature-dependent limitations of coffee or the negative public perceptions of the typical energy drink.

neruo SONIC
I love it when energy drinks have lids!

Bottom Line

If you suffer from restless nights of dreaming about your job, give this energy drink a try. It’s perfect for those days when tea or juiced energy drinks (Level 2) aren’t going to give you the boost you need. Challenge yourself to make the bottle last a whole day — it’s got a twisty cap for easy caffeine moderation! ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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