Science Behind Vitaminwater Energy

It just stopped snowing in Wisconsin a few days ago but somehow I’ve already missed all the swimsuit sales. Headed to Florida for a 3-day weekend (which is as close as I’ll get to Spring Break in Grown-Up Land) and forced to fork over more than I intended for a nice swimsuit, I was looking for a bargain wherever I could. I found it at 7-11 where, aside from my pre-flight protein shake, I found a collection of tropical-looking energy drinks that were 10 for $10! Colorful, affordable, low-cal and, better yet, they passed the Food Scientist Label Inspection (meaning they actually had substance and not just amateur combinations of caffeine and sugar) – SOLD!

The Energy Drink of the Month for May 2014 is vitaminwater® energy beverage Berry Punch.

vitaminwater energy
Energy Drink of the Month – May 2014

This is not to be confused with the vitaminwater® Energy that comes in a plastic bottle and looks yellow. Other flavors of this vitaminwater® energy beverage product line include Strawberry Lime, Raspberry Citrus, and Orange Mango. I enjoyed all four flavors but I think I prefer Berry Punch, and not just because the can matches the color scheme of my phone, my shoes, my watch and my new swimsuit. Anecdotes and silliness aside, let’s look at the science behind what makes this drink the Energy Drink of the Month.

3 Pros and Cons of vitaminwater® energy drink – from a Food Science, Product Development and Quality Perspective

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