Science Behind Go Girl Energy

There’s something magical about the color pink. Just the word “pink” brings to mind several connotations from princesses and Victoria’s Secret merchandise to breast cancer. Unfortunately, the football players have ditched their pink attire and the yogurt lids will soon return to their normal colors, but there is an easy way to support breast cancer research and awareness year-round.

The energy drink “her” (“healthy energy revolution”) was the first energy drink I came across that indicated a charitable donation on their label. The label indicates, “5% of net proceeds will be donated to charity” but it’s unclear exactly which charity. If we trust Wikipedia (and I never let my students use this free encyclopedia as their primary source), her energy donated to numerous organizations including the Susan G Komen foundation and MADD. Then again, they also tried to get Lindsay Lohan out of jail using signs that stated “Free her“. I almost want to give them points for being clever. Almost.

H.E.R. on Wikipedia

The whole scenario is a bit sketchy and since that drink’s website has been replaced by a site that reminds me how much Japanese I can still read, let’s discuss a different energy drink.

Go Girl trumps h.e.r.
Go Girl trumps h.e.r. energy drink

You’ll get another one. A better one. That one.

[Ten points and a free gift if you can tell me what movie that quote is from.]

Green-Eyed Insight on Go Girl Energy Drink

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