Widespread and Pointless? Pantothenic Acid – Book Excerpt of the Week

Vitamin B5 aka pantothenic acid is everywhere. If you were assembling your dream superhero squad for an energy drink, I would argue that pantothenic acid is the last vitamin worthy of making the team.

Sorry B5, we can’t all be like Niacin, the Captain America of Energy Drink Ingredient Avengers.

Here’s why pantothenic acid is not worthy.

Rich sources of pantothenic acid include mushrooms, peanuts, eggs (especially the yolk), yeast, broccoli, milk, sweet potatoes, legumes, and whole grains.

Milk, meat, vegetables, and carbs are all sources of pantothenic acid so it’s hard to imagine a diet that isn’t getting pantothenic acid from somewhere.

all carb diet

I have yet to discover why anyone needs to supplement with panthothenic acid, yet its included in several energy drink vitamin blends. Of course, pantothenic acid has an important role when it comes to facilitating energy production in the body, but a vitamin B5 deficiency is rare because this vitamin is in so many foods.

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The Missing Piece – Book Excerpt of the Week 

​Whether the other ingredients in an energy drink accentuate the caffeine boost also depends on whether the consumer is missing anything. 

If someone eats a well-balanced diet and doesn’t limit their food choices to 1 or 2 food groups, they probably get enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to make the extra ingredients in an energy drink irrelevant. 

Taurine is naturally found in meat, so if you regularly eat meat, getting more taurine with your caffeinated drink won’t really affect you. The same goes for VITAMINS – HOPEFULLY you’re getting enough through food but IF YOU’RE NOT, the extra doses of vitamins can boost the effects you feel from the caffeine. 

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