Science Behind Noo Fuzion

The makers of Bang Energy are at it again, this time with a drink that blurs the lines between energy drink, pre-workout supplement, and nootropic. But is it really “Cognitive Candy” as the label says? Let’s review the Science behind Noo Fuzion. What makes Noo Fuzion special and how does this drink compare to an energy drink like Red Bull? Or to a nootropic like Qualia Mind?

Science Behind Noo Fuzion - In This Post:

Hi there, I research caffeine, energy drinks, and fatigue in the workplace.

I’ve been passionate about the science behind energy drinks since 2003. After getting my degrees in biochemistry and food science, I wrote a book all about energy drink ingredients and safety concerns.

I’ve always been fascinated by caffeinated beverages, and by some of the energy drink stereotypes and caffeine misconceptions that just won’t go away. As a result, my mission as the “GreenEyedGuide” is to help people who deal with caffeine and fatigue on a regular basis.

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GEG Science Behind Noo Fuzion

Noo Fuzion Key Ingredients

Noo Fuzion contains carbonated water, a “muscle and energy blend”, natural flavors, a few preservatives, sucralose, and some vitamins and minerals. Here’s what you need to know about the key ingredients.

Essential Amino Acids aka EAAs

First of all, let’s take a refresher course in human biology and nutrition. Amino acids are like little building block Lego pieces that your body needs to make protein. But this protein isn’t just the muscles in your biceps, it’s 75% of the human body! In fact, these proteins are necessary for basic human life. For example, they help with a variety of reactions, from growth and repair to digestion.
Second of all, even though these amino acids are important, the human body can only create some of them. Specifically, out of the 20 different amino acids we need to make protein, 9 are “essential” because we have to eat them. We can’t make them ourselves.
As a result, these reactions in your body don’t run optimally unless you get enough essential amino acids in your diet. In other words, not getting enough EAAs in your diet is like a machine not having all the pieces it needs to run.
tractor missing wheel for EAA analogy Science Behind Noo Fuzion

Protein Quality and PDCAAS

For this reason, taking protein supplements seems like it could help people who don’t get enough in their diet.
Unfortunately, the science world doesn’t agree on whether getting individual amino acids, like the ones in Noo Fuzion, is as good as getting those amino acids from, you know, REAL FOOD.
As a result, scientists have created a system called “PDCAAS”. This system calculates “protein quality” based on the amounts and ratios of these essential amino acids in food. Furthermore, this calculation is so important, it dictates what % Daily Value goes on the label for protein.
In summary, the % Daily Value of protein on the label is a good measure of “Protein Quality”. Even though Noo Fuzion has 7 grams of these EAAs, you’ll notice a can of Noo Fuzion says “0 g Protein” and “0% DV” on the nutrition label.
Personally, I shudder to think of someone getting essential nutrients from a caffeinated beverage. On the one hand, every little bit helps, sure. But on the other hand, if you are legitimately concerned about getting your EAAs, 7 grams is not enough – you need at least 10 grams to trigger Muscle Protein Synthesis.

Cognizin Citicoline

I’ve talked about citicoline before. In fact, I talked about how great it is in my VERY FIRST POST for this blog!

Here’s what you need to know about citicoline.

  • Citicoline is the supplement form of a naturally occurring nutrient called CDP-choline, which is found in the brain
  • Citicoline increases phosphatidylcholine, which is critical for healthy brain function
  • Research shows citicoline helps improve focus and attention

Most of all, Noo Fuzion has an effective dose of Cognizin, meaning the dose matches the dose used in these research papers. 

It would be EXTREMELY BAD (as in trouble-with-the FDA bad) for Noo Fuzion to make any kind of suggestions that this drink treats cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, or even ADHD.

So instead, let’s just say the Cognizin in Noo Fuzion helps you focus, and there’s a enough data to back up that claim.


  • Betaine is naturally found in spinach, quinoa and beets
  • Noo Fuzion contains 2,500 mg (2.5 grams) of betaine per can
  • Betaine dosages of 2.5 g/day for 14 days to 6 weeks, it’s shown potential to enhance strength-based performance
  • Side-effects include nausea and upset stomach so ALWAYS take with food

Noo Fuzion Key Ingredients - The Fine Print

Just like with Cognizin, the benefits with betaine come when you’re taking it every day for several weeks. Unfortunately, you DO NOT want to take Noo Fuzion every single day for weeks. We have to look at the caffeine content to understand why.

science behind noo fuzion nutrition facts

Caffeine in Noo Fuzion and Caffeine Comparison

Like Bang Energy, Noo Fuzion contains 300 mg of caffeine per can.

As a reminder, healthy adults should not have more than 400 mg caffeine per day. This is the scientific consensus of several countries. Above 400 mg, the side-effects and health issues outweigh the benefits of caffeine for the majority of the population.

Here’s what the caffeine content of Noo Fuzion looks like compared to a standard cup of coffee, Qualia Mind nootropic supplement, and the #1 best-selling energy drink, Red Bull.

caffeine in noo fuzion - comparision corrected
Caffeine contents per Caffeine Informer and

Here's The Problem

When you have the same caffeinated beverage every single day, non-stop, for weeks on end, you’re going to develop a tolerance to caffeine. That means your body will adapt, and the same dose won’t work anymore.

This is why I developed and advocate so strongly for the 5 Levels of Fatigue. For every level, there are different actions you should take and different types of caffeine. In short, this system is a proportionate response to how tired you are. For example, sometimes you’re tired because you’re bored or dehydrated. Water, NOT CAFFEINE, is the answer. Other times, you’re SO tired, only a nap can save you. Thus, having the exact same drink every single day isn’t a good idea because it means caffeine will stop working for you.

GreenEyedGuide's 5 Levels of Fatigue
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Noo Fuzion vs Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind features an arsenal of nootropic ingredients! To go into each and every one is well beyond this post, but if you want to learn more about it, I like THIS review of Qualia Mind from the best

Read more about Qualia Mind ingredients at

Noo Fuzion is Better Than Qualia Mind Because...

  • Qualia Mind has SO many ingredients, it makes me nervous they’re going to interact with each other in unpredictable ways
    • Ingredient interactions is one of the reason some people worry about energy drinks more than coffee
  • Noo Fuzion is MUCH cheaper than Qualia Mind
  • Neither Qualia Mind nor Noo Fuzion can cure or prevent cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, so why waste your money if you just want to be alert

Qualia Mind is Better Than Noo Fuzion Because...

  • Noo Fuzion has MORE THAN 3 TIMES the caffeine in Qualia Mind
  • This is NOT A GOOD THING since this is going to be too much caffeine for the average person
  • Drinking Noo Fuzion every day is more likely to give you a caffeine tolerance/dependence than Qualia Mind, for the same amount of “cognitive boost” as the other ingredients (mostly, the Cognizin)

Noo Fuzion vs Red Bull

Red Bull is the #1 best-selling energy drink and it’s the #1 stereotype people imagine when they hear the words “energy drink”.

So how does Noo Fuzion compare?

Noo Fuzion is Better Than Red Bull because...

Noo Fuzion gives you caffeine AND the added bonus of Cognizin, while Red Bull just gives you caffeine

Red Bull is Better Than Noo Fuzion Because...

In my personal (and professional, scientific) opinion, Noo Fuzion has too much caffeine for the majority of the population. You’re better off having Cognizin in pill-form with your daily multivitamins.

In other words, if you’re training for a competition, or IF you regularly work nights or long shifts, then maybe this caffeine is fine for you. Otherwise, this much caffeine EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK is going to raise your dependence on caffeine and lead to other side-effects like poor sleep, nausea, and anxiety.

Bottom Line and Final Recommendations

If you’re wondering how this drink tastes, I don’t have the answers. Fortunately, my good friend, CaffeineMan, gives you all the details in this excellent YouTube episode.

If you like the taste of Noo Fuzion and you save this drink for those “Energy Emergencies” of Fatigue Level 4, then Noo Fuzion offers more cognitive benefits than Red Bull at a better price than Qualia Mind.

Ultimately, this is not an unhealthy or unsafe drink, as long as you know you can handle this much caffeine.

Do. Not. Drink. This. Every. Day.

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