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Caffeinated water can be a great alternative to the stereotypical energy drink, but if you’ve never heard of caffeinated water, where do you start? How do you know if it’s right for you?  This is the third of a three-part series on caffeinated water. In the last two posts in this series, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about caffeinated water. But now we ask one final question:

  • Where do I start?

In This Series:

Hydrive Energy Water

If you’ve tried other energy waters and wanted more flavor, more sweetness, maybe a little more color, then try Hydrive. It’s more than just caffeine+water but still a healthier alternative than the stereotypical energy drink.
IN THIS REVIEW from the GreenEyedGuide archives:
✔What the key ingredients do,

✔How the caffeine content compares to other energy drinks and other brands of caffeinated water

Avitae Caffeine + Water

This is a brand of caffeinated water fueled by green coffee beans.

I had the honor of talking to Avitae president and CEO about how Avitae picked their flavors, how difficult it was to hide caffeine’s bitterness in something as neutral as water, what keeps him up at night, and what he’s most proud of. You can find these interviews here:

Guru Energy Drink

Guru Energy Water offers a simple ingredient list: carbonated (or “sparkling”) water, erythritol, flavor, green tea extract (the source of caffeine), juice concentrate, and Stevia.

It comes in a can like an energy drink but Guru’s Energy Water tastes WAY more like water than another energy drink. If you’re looking for something with Organic ingredients, ~100mg caffeine, light flavor, no Calories, no sugar, no artificial colors or flavors or sweeteners, this is worth a try.

You can read the full analysis of Guru Energy Water here on GreenEyedGuide

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Energy Drink of the Month for April 2018: Hint Kick caffeinated water

Hint Kick has only three ingredients: purified water, natural flavor, and natural caffeine from coffee bean extract (aka green coffee beans).

Hint Kick isn’t the only caffeinated water to use green coffee beans but in this Energy Drink of the Month review, we recap the latest green coffee bean research.

Energy Drink of the Month HINT KICK


Love this info? Want to learn more?

I’ve researched the science and safety behind energy drinks and their ingredients since 2003. This book is the culmination of my research:

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