Caffeine Effects on the Brain – Part 1

Welcome to GreenEyedGuide, your guide to the science behind caffeine and energy drinks. This is a series on How Caffeine Affects the Brain. Since this is a complex topic and we have a lot to cover, I’ve broken the key questions into different posts. In Part 1 we’ll discuss how caffeine makes you feel awake and alert, we’ll review the biochemistry (which you can skip), and we’ll summarize the ways caffeine does and does not help you focus.

Later in this series, we’ll also talk about:

  • Why does caffeine work differently after an all-nighter?
  • What ingredients in energy drinks help you focus during gaming?
  • Is coffee or energy drinks better for studying?
  • Does your brain get addicted to caffeine and energy drinks?

Part 1: How does caffeine help you focus?

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The Buzz About Caffeine – Food Insight TV

From Food Insight TV, this video reviews the basics of caffeine:

  • Natural sources of caffeine
  • Caffeine consumption breakdown (how much of the US pop consumes caffeine, how much comes from coffee vs tea vs other sources)
  • Why moderation is so important
  • Maximum dosage recognized as safe for adults

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