The Energy Drink Guide is now on Audible! Listen to “Are You a Monster or a Rock Star” for FREE!

In August 2013 a book I’d been working on for 10 years was finally published! Now, August 2017, it’s available as an audiobook! My only regret is it took me so long to save enough to make this happen – I’m guessing if you’re busy enough to need caffeine, you’re busy enough to prefer an audiobook over the real thing.

Since I first started studying biochemistry and energy drinks in 2003, my biggest goal has been to help people consume caffeine safely.

Here’s how you can listen for free and help me promote “my baby”:

STEP ZERO: Make sure you’re not signed in to Amazon or Audible. If you already have an Audible account, skip to the bottom for Step Three.


STEP ONE: Visit this link and get a 30-day trial of Audible along with my book:

You should see a page that looks like this:

STEP TWO: Click “Sign Up Today & Save” and complete the check-out process

If you already have an Audible Account:

STEP THREE: You can use this link to find my book:

Audbile Proof of Purchase

That’s it! That’s all! In just a few steps you’ve helped me and put the ultimate guide to the science of energy drinks in your hands (or, ears, I suppose).


Thank you for helping me share this book. Special thanks to Agent Smith of the Double Cross Committee for bringing my baby to life and for literally giving a voice to all my cheesy puns throughout the book.

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Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Energy Drink Guide

In August 2013, a book that I’d been dreaming about and working on for 10 years was finally published. As I placed it on my bookshelf next to the other authors that inspired me, it seemed unreal, and even now I sometimes forget that I have published a book.

To celebrate the second anniversary of what I still consider my first child (because of all the love and labor that went into bringing it to existence), I’m slashing prices at the Green-Eyed Guide Square Store and sharing my reading of the introduction.


Square Store Paperback – Anniversary Discount, signed by author

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Hardcover – Anniversary Discount, signed by author

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One Year’s Reflection

Available in paperback

My baby is on Amazon