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Most people consume caffeine because they’re tired, busy, or need a boost. Assuming many of those people don’t have time to sit down and read a book, I’ve started the process of turning my Energy Drink Guide into an audiobook. It thrills me to think my book will be available to people who drive for a living and people who struggle to stay awake on long road trips. Many of my newest fans come from outside the US and speak English as their second language. While I prefer books in solid form and relish the action of flipping pages, they prefer books in audio format. Publishing the audiobook is going to be (almost?) as exciting as the day I first held my own book in my hands. (Need a refresher? Here’s that original post.)

After 10 years of collecting data, reading labels, watching the news, reading research and talking to numerous scientists, health professionals and other experts in the field of beverages and supplements, my guide to energy drinks is finally ready for public consumption. – GreenEyedGuide

If you would like updates on the production of this book, as well as a sneak peak audio sample, you can become a GreenEyedGuide Patreon supporter for as little as $1.

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