Taurine, bad Zodiac jokes, and bull sperm- Book Excerpt of the Week 

One of the many reasons I decided to write an energy drink book is “bull sperm”. I kid* you not, there were people out there who insisted taurine was a fancy name for bull sperm. They were younger people, hence the “*”, but I couldn’t stand this gross eggageration (so.many.puns). 

Fact-taurine was first isolated from ox bile in 1822. The name comes from Bos taurus, the genus and species of ox.

Okay, so then what is taurine, really?

Taurine is an amino acid, just not the kind of amino acid that is a “building block” for protein.

So what does it DO? WHY is it in energy drinks? 

For that answer, stay tuned for next week’s book excerpt, as we continue through Part THREE of the Energy Drink Guide. We’ll discuss the WHAT IS IT, WHAT DOES IT DO, HOW MUCH IS TO MUCH for 30 of the most common energy drink ingredients. 

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