Does Panax Ginseng Really Work? Book Excerpt of the Week

Like ginkgo, ginseng is in THOUSANDS of products, not just energy drinks… Why? What does it do?

According to Chinese Medicine, ginseng is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body handle (or ADAPT) to stress.

The way ginseng is consumed is critical to how it reduces stress. Traditionally, ginseng is chewed or sipped as a tea. And there you have it, these keywords are the secret to ginseng’s success!

  • The act of mastication reduces stress [Physiology & Behavior 97(3-4):304-312]
  • Sipping and holding something warm has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress [Amen, D.G. Change Your Brain, Change Your Body]

Like Ginkgo, ginseng has a reputation for treating a variety of ailments, but the evidence is lacking.

A systematic review of almost 500 studies involving Panax Ginseng found the only benefit was for glucose metabolism in animal models. Ginseng might help increase insulin and decrease blood glucose levels but it’s unclear whether ginseng can effectively help manage diabetes in humans, especially since it is so poorly absorbed/bioavailable.

Do YOU take ginseng? What do you think about it?

To learn more about ginseng and the other energy drink ingredients, stay tuned for next week’s book excerpt as we continue our page-by-page exploration through the Energy Drink Guide (now on Audible!!!).

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