Caffeine in Workout Supplements and the 5 Levels of Fatigue [YouTube]

This presentation covers the effects of caffeine when it’s consumed before, during, or after a workout. We also review how the Five Levels of Fatigue helps people determine which caffeine products (if any) are right for them. In essence, my Five Levels of Fatigue system helps people avoid caffeine toxicity and dependency because it teaches them tricks for matching how tired they are with how much caffeine they really need. For gym rats and athletes, knowing how to use the Five Levels of Fatigue keeps them from using caffeine after a grueling workout when what the body REALLY needs is rest (not caffeine).

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Spider Energy Mimic - Energy Drink of the Month June 2015

Energy Drink of the Month – Nov 2015: Sugar Free Energy Drink Comparison feat. Spider Energy, Rockstar and Monster

In this post, we take a close look at the ingredients in sugar free Spider Energy in comparison to similar products from Monster Energy and Rockstar Energy. Our deep-dive comparison includes the ingredients used, their function, and whether any of these are better for people trying to avoid certain ingredients.

Sugar Free Energy Drink Comparison: Spider Energy, Rockstar Energy, and Monster Energy

What We’re Comparing

  • Ingredient Line Deep Dive
    • Which ingredients are used and why?
    • How similar are the ingredients?
  • Bottom Line and Biggest Differences
    • Are any of them better or worse for people trying to avoid certain ingredients?

Ingredient Line Deep Dive includes:

  • Ingredient Order
  • Caffeine Content
  • Vitamin Dosage
  • Other Actives (ginseng, guarana, carnitine, etc.)
  • Sweetness Profile
  • Other Ingredients (colors, thickeners, preservatives, etc.)

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Do You Diet Out of Fear — Green-Eyed Guide on Health Blog

Have you ever changed your eating habits based on alarming headlines or infographics? In this Green-Eyed Guide guest blog, we examine the three outcomes that may occur when fear is used to shape food choices.


Kids and Energy Drinks — Green-Eyed Guide on The Scientific Parent

How concerned do parents need to be about the use of energy drinks in kids and teens? In the Green-Eyed Guide guest blog on The Scientific Parent, we review the three major details often left out of these conversations on caffeine, and how these details can dramatically boost our efforts to keep ourselves and our kids healthy and safe.


Why I’m Carrageenan Girl for Halloween

This year I’m dressed up as the food additive, carrageenan, for Halloween. This unusual (and extremely nerdy food scientist) decision is my response to the rampant use of fear in food marketing and reformulations.

Carrageenan Girl
Have you recently been told to be afraid of a certain food additive?

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Food Additive Deep Dive (pun intended) for Carrageenan 


“Like rumors in high school, ingredient stigmas make me wonder, how did this claim get started? Is it personal or just a misunderstanding? How did this rumor spread so fast? Is there a grain of truth behind it, and how can the subject of the rumor possibly clarify or dispel the rumor?”

Fooducate Caught being Anti-chemical AND Anti-chemophobia – A Plea from a Food Scientist

 Excerpt: “I’m tired of being told to be afraid of chemicals…

This week alone, I have been told by a fast-casual burrito company to be afraid of Silicon Dioxide; I’ve been told by a face wash company not to put “chemicals” on my face (unless those “chemicals” are vitamins, natural sugars, and/or plant extracts); and I’ve had to ask my former-favorite juice company in the world to PLEASE use some alternative sweeteners instead of my whole day’s allowance of sugar in one bottle.”

Do You Diet out of Fear?

“Fear can be a powerful motivator. If you were afraid your poor health would prevent you from walking your daughter down the aisle, you’d probably be more motivated to eat healthy and workout. Sometimes fear seems like the only way to get a message through to your teenager, but as most parents can testify, fear doesn’t always work. When fear is used to motivate diet decisions there are three major outcomes to consider.”