At a certain point, no amount of caffeine can save you from exhaustion.
You are burned out.

What is burnout costing your organization?

In some occupations, mental and/or physical exhaustion in the workplace seems unavoidable:


When people feel burned out, they’re more likely to take a sick day, get injured, or quit.

As a result, burnout can cost an organization thousands of dollars.

"The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary."
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This Fixable Problem Costs U.S. Businesses $1 Trillion

What We're Doing Now Is Not Working

Sleep is important, but not always possible. And yet so many seminars on job burnout provide unrealistic advice:

  • get more sleep
  • take a day off to recharge
  • drink less caffeine

The truth is, yes, sleep-deprivation impacts your performance as much as a glass of wine. If you can’t show up to work tipsy, why is it okay to show up sleep-deprived?

But here lies the problem:

To combat burnout and sleep-deprivation, you can’t ignore the coping mechanisms people are already using.

Businesses have adapted to the "new normal".
It's time for employee wellness programs to adapt too.

Over 90% of working Americans say they've taken action to boost their energy at work. And yet 60% say they've made mistakes because they were tired.
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More Than Sixty Percent Of U.S. Workers Admit To Workplace Mistakes Due To Tiredness
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"My mind is blown about what we just learned about caffeine! As nurses, we are educated on the basics of caffeine as a drug when we administer it to patients. We are not educated on how to use it safely ourselves. It is still a drug! I'm so thankful for Danielle for teaching us tonight!"
Ashleigh, NOC Nurse Mentor, BSN, RN, CCRN, Founder of Flip the Shift Method

How Danielle Robertson Rath Can Help

Danielle Robertson Rath's 5 Levels of Fatigue
The 5 Levels of Fatigue, created by GreenEyedGuide

Nearly 90% of the adult population drinks caffeine on a daily basis. For most people, it’s part of the daily routine, like putting on pants.

However, you’d be surprised how much caffeine can affect your overall health and mental well-being.

For example, people turn to caffeine when they’re emotionally exhausted, but caffeine can’t cure that kind of tiredness. As a result, caffeine can backfire and leave you feeling more anxious than you started.

The answer isn’t QUITTING caffeine, it’s drinking caffeine strategically.

Therefore, in her workshops, Danielle describes how to feel more alert with less caffeine. How to enjoy your coffee without jitters. And how to regain your sense of control when you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Fatigue doesn't have to be the enemy. It can be a powerful tool if you know how to interpret the signals and respond accordingly.

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Furthermore, Danielle’s workshops include industry best practices of Fatigue Management. For example, this includes recommendations by organizations such as the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s Task Force on Fatigue Risk Management.

Watch highlights from Danielle Robertson Rath's talk at the Wisconsin State Fire Chief Symposium

About Danielle Robertson Rath,
the "GreenEyedGuide"

GEG speaking and workshop Fatigue Management Workshop

Have we met? I am Danielle Robertson Rath, the leading authority on the science behind caffeine and energy drinks. Best-selling author of How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t. The host of the Caffeine at Midnight podcast. And the founder of GreenEyedGuide Research and Consulting (GEG).

Caffeine Science Meets Burnout Prevention

Fortunately, I also know how caffeine works. Specifically, I know better than anyone how it can help AND HURT your ability to focus. I didn’t just drink caffeine in college, I researched it.

I’ve worked hard to become a resource – a GUIDE – for those who rely on caffeine to get through the day but worry about its side-effects. In fact, this is how I got the name “GreenEyedGuide“.

I’ve done hundreds of presentations for parents, small business owners, and college students. And I can help you too!

No, I’m not going to virtually confiscate your coffee maker or try to push Red Bull on you. Instead, I’m going to teach you how to drink caffeine strategically. And how mental and physical tricks can help you beat burnout without caffeine.

As a Specialist in the area of sleep-related fatigue, I thought I knew a fair bit about caffeine and how to use it strategically. Wow, was I impressed when I got to know and work with Danielle Robertson Rath! She truly is an expert in her field and has taught me quite a few things about caffeine that I can now pass on to my clients, and of course use myself.


Address the Number One Coping Mechanism for Stress and Fatigue

You have many options when it comes to employee wellness workshops. However, none of them include the level of detail necessary to address the number one coping mechanism for stress and fatigue: caffeine. What time of day you drink caffeine, how much, how fast, how often - these tiny details make a significant impact on one's physical and mental health. With her background in food science and biochemistry, Danielle Robertson Rath can cover this topic like no one else.

Learn How to Boost Mood and Motivation - With and Without Caffeine

Caffeine cannot cure the overwhelming cynicism and lack of motivation indicative of burnout. That's why the GreenEyedGuide 5 Levels of Fatigue includes strategies for boosting mood and motivation both with and without caffeine. All attendees get a toolbox of actionable tips for managing every Level of Fatigue.

Spend a Little on a Workshop, Save a Lot on Employee Turnover

Addressing burnout in the workplace saves money in several ways. People who get less than 6 hours of sleep are 2x as likely to get injured at work. Employees who feel overwhelmed or underappreciated are 3x more likely to quit. Dealing with employee burnout cost employers over 1 million dollars in 2020 according to the Workplace Institute. With one workshop, you can reduce your cost on worker's comp, employees calling in sick, and employee turnover.

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5 star review for GEG

Book Danielle Robertson Rath to Speak

Choose the solution that works best for your team, your time, and your budget

COVID-19 UPDATE: VIRTUAL TRAINING is AVAILABLE. In-person training includes masks and social distancing accommodations.


Watch a sample of presentations and webinars, COMPLETELY FREE!

  • Preparing for the Night Shift [60 minute webinar]
  • Beating Burnout with Science [30 minute webinar]
  • 5 Secrets to Drinking Caffeine Like a Scientist [30 minute webinar]
GEG speaking and workshop Fatigue Management Workshop


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Popular Topics

  • How to Drink Caffeine For Exams (WITHOUT DYING!)
    • 10 science-based tricks to help you avoid caffeine side-effects, addiction, or dependence
    • Includes Bonus Round: The 10 Worst Energy Drink Myths
  • How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t
    • When people are counting on you, learn 5 sure-fire steps pull yourself together to get the job done. And learn 5 signs you need to ask for help
  • 10 Ways Caffeine Backfires During Burnout
    • Learn how to avoid the 10 most common mistakes people make when they’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed


Combo Plan for Teams and Team Leads/Stakeholders


Fatigue Workshop Case Study GEG PJ

Case Study: Fatigue Management Workshop with Palmer Johnson Power

GEG’s Fatigue Management Workshop Helps Palmer Johnson Power Systems Improve Employee Health Across 6 Branches

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5 star review for GEG from Kassandra

Frequently asked questions

The GEG Fatigue Management Workshop addresses risk-factors for fatigue beyond just the caffeine use. The workshop can reduce fatigue-related accidents and help measure employee burnout even for teams that don’t drink caffeine.

Yes. You can pay in 3 monthly installments with no interest.

Workshops and training sessions can be scheduled in advance to coincide with other training such as OSHA, EHS, or CPR training sessions.

For a small additional fee, you can also purchase Virtual Office Hours for private 1 on 1 support.

We love traveling – especially if it involves visiting warmer climates during Wisconsin’s long winter.

Additional travel charges may apply for on-site training and workshops further than a 50-minute drive from Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

  • $100 per additional hour of driving
  • $200 per night if a hotel is required
  • $200-400 for travel out of state

After you pick a plan, click the button to navigate to a form where you can tell me more information about your team and/or event. Together, we’ll determine whether GEG is a good fit. Then we’ll talk through dates, quotes, and more.

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