At a certain point, no amount of caffeine can save you. You are burned out.

Now more than EVER, employee burnout is a problem - a problem I can help you solve!

Getting enough sleep is important, but not always possible. In some occupations, fatigue in the workplace is unavoidable:


When employees are sleep-deprived, they make more mistakes. When employees are overwhelmed or burned out, they’re more likely to miss work, quit, or get injured.

As a result, accepting workplace fatigue as normal or “the cost of doing business” hurts employees, customers, and the employer’s bottom line.

What is Fatigue costing your team?

Watch Danielle Robertson Rath share burnout prevention tips at the Wisconsin State Fire Chief Symposium


Save time and money with an all-in-one program

My workshop is the only one designed to address employee burnout, caffeine habits, sleep quality, mindset/mindfulness, and fatigue-related incidents. Yes, ALL of that, in ONE program! Better yet, there's no complicated software to install.

improve employee health and happiness

People who get less than 6 hours of sleep are 2x as likely to get injured at work. Employees who feel overwhelmed or underappreciated are 3x more likely to quit. Dealing with employee burnout cost employers over 1 million dollars in 2020 according to the Workplace Institute.

I Don't ignore the caffeine, neither should you

It's not enough to tell employees to "get more sleep" or to reduce their caffeine intake. With the explosion of energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages in the marketplace, caffeine affects our work life and overall health in surprising ways.

get a customized plan

The typical Productivity Workshops don't work for all industries. Working with me means you'll get a Fatigue Management Plan tailored specifically to your company culture, team dynamics, work schedules, and specific needs.

How Danielle Robertson Rath Can Help

GreenEyedGuide's 5 Levels of Fatigue
The 5 Levels of Fatigue, created by GreenEyedGuide

I can teach you how to drink caffeine strategically. How to feel more alert and focused without caffeine. And how small steps can help you beat burnout.

I know what it’s like to work the night shift. To rely on caffeine to help me juggle all my commitments. But I also know how easy it is to build a tolerance to caffeine. That means caffeine doesn’t work when you need it most.
As such, my workshops are scientifically designed to help you get more energy with less caffeine.

With the 5 Levels of Fatigue, you will learn how to see fatigue as a tool, not the enemy.

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Furthermore, my workshops include industry best practices of Fatigue Management. For example, this includes recommendations by organizations such as the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s Task Force on Fatigue Risk Management.

About Danielle Robertson Rath,
the "GreenEyedGuide"

Have we met? I am Danielle Robertson Rath, the leading authority on the science behind caffeine and energy drinks. Best-selling author of How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t. The host of the Caffeine at Midnight podcast. And the founder of GreenEyedGuide Research and Consulting (GEG).

I’ve been studying caffeine and energy drinks since 2003. That was the beginning of the “Energy Drink Boom”. That was also when I officially became a giant science nerd. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of California San Diego. Then I earned my master’s degree in Food Science/Food Chemistry from the University of California Davis.

I’ve worked hard to become a resource – a GUIDE – to the confusing, and often contradicting information about caffeine and energy drinks. In fact, this is how I got the name “GreenEyedGuide“. With my passion for caffeine and science, I’ve done hundreds of presentations for parents, small business owners, and college students.

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What People Are Saying

GEG Consulting Research 5 Star Review
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5 star review for GEG

Book Danielle Robertson Rath to Speak

Choose the solution that works best for your team, your time, and your budget

COVID-19 UPDATE: VIRTUAL TRAINING is AVAILABLE. In-person training includes masks and social distancing accommodations.


Watch a sample of presentations and webinars, COMPLETELY FREE!

  • Preparing for the Night Shift [60 minute webinar]
  • Beating Burnout with Science [30 minute webinar]
  • 5 Secrets to Drinking Caffeine Like a Scientist [30 minute webinar]
GEG speaking and workshop Fatigue Management Workshop


Most Popular!

Best Plan for Groups and Teams


30-60 Minute Session

Popular Talks Include:

  • How to Drink Caffeine For Exams (WITHOUT DYING!)
  • How to Get Sh*t Done When You Feel Like Sh*t: The Secret to Caffeine, Motivation, and Productivity for the Sleep-Deprived and Overwhelmed
  • Beating Burnout and Caffeine Addiction


Combo Plan for Teams and Team Leads/Stakeholders


Fatigue Workshop Case Study GEG PJ

Case Study: Fatigue Management Workshop with Palmer Johnson Power

GEG’s Fatigue Management Workshop Helps Palmer Johnson Power Systems Improve Employee Health Across 6 Branches


GEG 5 star review on Google
5 star review for GEG from Kassandra

Frequently asked questions

The GEG Fatigue Management Workshop addresses risk-factors for fatigue beyond just the caffeine use. The workshop can reduce fatigue-related accidents and help measure employee burnout even for teams that don’t drink caffeine.

Yes. You can pay in 3 monthly installments with no interest.

Workshops and training sessions can be scheduled in advance to coincide with other training such as OSHA, EHS, or CPR training sessions.

For a small additional fee, you can also purchase Virtual Office Hours for private 1 on 1 support.

We love traveling – especially if it involves visiting warmer climates during Wisconsin’s long winter.

Additional travel charges may apply for on-site training and workshops further than a 50-minute drive from Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

  • $100 per additional hour of driving
  • $200 per night if a hotel is required
  • $200-400 for travel out of state

After you pick a plan, click the button to navigate to a form where you can tell me more information about your team and/or event. Together, we’ll determine whether GEG is a good fit. Then we’ll talk through dates, quotes, and more.

Still have questions?

Email Us or Set up a Complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call

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