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As the “GreenEyedGuide”,  I am your guide to the world of caffeine. Sometimes that’s helping bartenders quit their Monster Energy habit, sometimes that’s a guest lecture on how caffeine helps you study for exams, sometimes that’s helping an energy drink start-up understand what ingredients really work and what ingredients just look nice on a label but don’t do anything. Scroll down for the opportunity that suits you, and thanks for visiting GreenEyedGuide.com!

Speaking Engagements:

At least 85% of the US population consumes caffeine on a daily basis. For that 85%, I am the caffeine expert to make sense of all the science – how does caffeine help (or hurt?) your health? Can caffeine really help you run faster and jump higher? Why is mixing caffeine and alcohol a bad idea? How can I quit caffeine or find healthier swaps? Does taruine really come from bull sperm? How can I wake up without caffeine?

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Coaching and Consulting:

If you’re trying to quit or cut back on caffeine, I can help you with a personalized plan to break your caffeine dependence.

If you’re developing a new caffeinated beverage, I can help you by preparing a synopsis identifying the benefits and effective dosage of the ingredients you’re considering for your product.

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