Are energy drinks bad?

Yes and no – there are over 500 products that call themselves “energy drinks” so it’s difficult to say that they’re all bad or that they’re all okay. Some are better than others, and even then, how the product affects your body has to do with what’s in it AND how you consume it.

Have you reviewed [energy drink] yet?

You can check the Archives or use the search bar to see if I’ve already reviewed your favorite products.

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I do quick reviews (like this one), YouTube reviews (like this one), and (if I REALLY love the product) a full deep dive for Energy Drink of the Month.

Hey GreenEyedGuide, what’s YOUR favorite energy drink?

Well, I don’t have one favorite, I have many, and I only drink them when I absolutely need caffeine (i.e. when water won’t do the trick). In general, I like energy drinks that list caffeine on the label and have less than 120 milligrams of caffeine per container (that’s PER CONTAINER, not PER SERVING). There are a few other key aspects I look for in an energy drink, but for more of my secrets check out the free excerpt available here:
How to Read a Label in 10 Seconds

Hey GreenEyedGuide, I’m sure your book is wonderful but I don’t drink energy drinks. Why would I buy your book?

Actually, IARE YOU A MONSTER OR A ROCK STAR: a guide to energy drinks - NOW AVAILABLE in paperback wrote this book for people who love OR loathe energy drinks. So many ingredients that are in so-called “energy drinks” are also in other “functional beverages”. Ingredients like the B-vitamins, ginseng, milk thistle and quercetin (to name a few) are in popular supplements. I believe reading the chapters I’ve written on these ingredients can help you better understand the products you’re spending your hard-earned dollars on.

How do you pick the ‘Energy Drink of the Month’?

Well, it depends on what is going on that month. Consumption habits are seasonal so I try to pick a product that reflects what many people will be going through for that particular month. Here is one example: October 2017 Energy Drink of the Month

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