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Need help staying awake for an all-nighter? Got questions about caffeine and energy drinks? Explore the posts and podcast companions of the GreenEyedGuide blog. Top Categories include “Energy Drink Brands”, “Caffeine Effects”, and “5 Levels of Fatigue”.

Warning – I’ve been managing this blog since 2013! The old stuff is, shall we say, not my best writing. Though the content is still valuable, in my biased opinion.

Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

If you were looking for a definitive guide for all your energy drink questions, this is it. Standard energy drinks. Pre-workout drinks. Drinks with all-natural ingredients. CaffeineMan and GreenEyedGuide cover it all. With this series, you’ll get science-based, no-BS answers to the big question, “Are energy drinks bad?”Read more Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?


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