How to find the best energy drink using the 5 Levels of Fatigue

An energy drink is like your favorite song: what works for YOU may not work for ME, and what works for you on a Monday morning may not be your Go-To for Friday nights.

The 5 Levels of Fatigue is a system I developed to help people pick a drink which matches their situation. This system categorizes products using factors like juice content, carbonation, delivery method, and caffeine content. This system beats caffeine tolerance and dependence. This system prevents people from using caffeine when they’re really just tired from dehydration. This system helps people consume caffeine safely.

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Fatigue Level 1

Tired due to boredom or dehydration; or not REALLY tired but conditioned to always get caffeine in a specific situation (Pavlov’s dogs meets 8 am lecture) 



Fatigue Level 2

TOO tired to go it alone; dehydrated, but still needing a little help — Under 90 mg caffeine, preferably tea-based



Fatigue Level 3

Lethargic and struggling — No more than 200 mg caffeine, NON-carbonated, preferably juice-based



Fatigue Level 4

FOR the long nights and rough fights; miles to go before you sleep; energy emergencies — Up to 400 mg caffeine (daily limit for adults); CARBONATED or concentrated (e.g., energy shots)



Fatigue Level 5

Barely alive; approaching Zombie Land aka beyond all help 

There are no caffeinated beverages that can save you now. Your only solution is a 20-minute power nap or to give in and call it a night.

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