Can Forskolin Help You Reach Your Health/Fitness Goals? (Organic Newsroom Guest Post)

Forskolin has been described with words like “fat-burner”, “ergogenic”, and “testosterone booster”, but how much of this is scientifically correct? As GreenEyedGuide, I love sharing the science behind common ingredients in energy drinks and other health supplements. In this guest post, Organic Newsroom breaks down the food science behind forskolin to help you decide if this supplement is for you.

Forskolin is a curious herbal extract, taken from the roots of a plant known as Coleus Forskohlii. This powerful natural compound has the ability to provide some serious health benefits such as helping in weight loss, promoting good heart health, and even boosting hormones such as testosterone. Celebrities such as Dr. Oz have latched onto this supplement as the latest in their push to market weight loss miracles. While forskolin may not live up to the hype that marketers have surrounded it with, research has shown that it is able to provide some remarkable health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin is no miracle supplement, but if taken in addition to a healthy diet and exercise it has the potential to help produce some serious results. Research has shown that forskolin has the ability to reduce overall body fat percentages. However, this research was conducted among those already on a weight lifting program; so it’s conceivable that it simply magnifies your body’s natural process of burning fat and building lean muscle. This type of research is where the forskolin hype is rooted and, while not really monumental, was fairly conclusive. Bottom line, if you’re already on a program to build lean muscle, forskolin can help accelerate your progress.

Bottom line, if you’re already on a program to build lean muscle, forskolin can help accelerate your progress.

Additionally, forskolin is able to provide powerful benefits to your heart as well. Doctors have been using a pure forskolin extract for years, administering it via IV to patients suffering cardiac events. In acute cases such as these, forskolin is able to dilate the heart tissue, which allows more blood and oxygen to flow into the heart. On a long-term scale, it boosts your levels of an enzyme called myocardial adenylate cyclase, which promotes overall heart health. Also of note, is research that shows forskolin demonstrating the ability to boost overall testosterone levels by up to 30%! This may be part of the mechanism forskolin uses to help lower overall body fat levels and promote lean muscle growth. Generally speaking, these types of boosts are considered to be within levels that are safe for men and women.


Side Effects of Forskolin

Generally speaking, forskolin is very safe for general use and very few people report experiencing side effects. One potential pitfall of this compound is it could cause dizziness and unsafe drops in blood pressure for those with low blood pressure issues. Since forskolin works your heart tissues to expand, this is to be expected. For nearly everyone, this side effect would not be an issue. There is also some evidence to suggest that forskolin might affect DNA to some degree—although the study showing that was never replicated. Being that forskolin increases testosterone levels, many wonder if forskolin for women is really a good idea. Your doctor is the only one that can truly give you an answer but, generally speaking, this increase isn’t enough to cause unwanted effects.

One of the most worrisome issues with forskolin is that it is regarded by many people as being a one-stop-fix-all supplement.

One of the most worrisome issues with forskolin is that it is regarded by many people as being a one-stop-fix-all supplement. A lot of personalities such as Dr. Oz have led many to believe that forskolin is capable of providing dramatic weight loss even to those not motivated to change their diets of start an exercise program. While it might seem crazy, many people do believe that by taking a single pill they can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Many people see this type of over-zealous marketing and wonder does forskolin really work at all? The truth is; pure forskolin extract can be a great healthy way to fortify your health, as long as you keep your expectations reasonable. For example, a reasonable forskolin diet plan would be to follow the advice of your nutritionist (or the advice of a nutritionist), and use forskolin as an additional part of your program.

Healthy Balance Above All Else

Forskolin can only ever play a part of your overall diet and exercise program. To ensure you get the most benefit from and pure forskolin extract that you buy, you’ll want to ensure that you purchase from some quality brands. Lots of supplements contain some nasty ingredients, and sometimes don’t even contain the ingredient listed on the label. To learn more about which supplement brands are best, you can read an article we wrote about which brands of vitamins and supplements are the most trustworthy. Simply put, you get what you pay for—and the more expensive brands guarantee maximum potency.

Supplements will only ever be a piece of the puzzle to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Natural compounds such as forskolin can help you fill nutritional gaps, as well as nudge yourself in a positive direction. Supplements have the advantage of working gradually, and therefore presenting much lesser risk of unwanted side effects. Foskolin has demonstrated the ability to help boost hormone levels, lower body fat, and lower the risk of heart disease. While this natural compound may not quite be the ‘miracle’ compound that many make it out to be—pure forskolin certainly has the ability to help balance your health!



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