What happened to the Energy Drink of the Month series? Cute puppies, lofty goals, and some excuses.

Every 13th of the month, I review a product that is either an “energy drink in disguise” or an energy drink alternative. So what happened July and August that prevented these treasured posts?


ONE – How can you say no to ^this^ face?

Adding a puppy to our family has been an eye-opening adventure because I never realized just how easy it is to be the kind of parent that works and works, then comes home too tired to play. Balancing family and work troubles everyone, men and women. Some people say when a man works 60 hours a week, he is supporting his family — when a woman works 60 hours a week, she is neglecting hers. 20150621_183521

The level of truth behind this paradox depends on your profession, but it is something I have been genuinely struggling with. This struggle is amplified by the fact that the work I would like to do for GreenEyedGuide.com amounts to what would easily be a part-time if not full time job. Balancing my real job with my fun job with my family might be a little easier if it weren’t for all the other things I want to accomplish.

Beauty in Strength
#NeverTooPretty – Empowering women since 2015! TooPrettyBrand.com

TWO – Shredding for the Wedding

My upcoming wedding is one of four reasons why I decided to start competing in NPC Figure competitions this year. The other reasons have to do with turning a certain age, my nostalgia for gymnastics in this Olympic year, and my love of competition.

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Training and competing is a blast, and planning a wedding has been a breeze…okay, that one weekend it felt like a gale force wind threatening to knock me over, but that was only one time. Everything that needs/needed to be done is manageable, but both training and planning are projects on which I have enjoyed spending my free time.

so many dresses
Which dress will best accommodate my newfound lat spread?

THREE – Am I raising the bar too high or are all these new products as unappealing as they look?

I. Don’t. Care. I don’t care if your product is made with all natural ingredients, blessed by Tinkerbell, the Non-GMO Project, certified Organic and Free-Trade. If your product contains more than 20 grams of sugar per serving, it’s not for me. If your drink is sold only online and the best response you can give me when I ask about your food safety testing standards, allergen control, and recall plan is “we follow GMP”, your product is not for me.

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THIRTY-EIGHT grams of sugar per 12 ounce can?!? REALLY?!?

It shouldn’t be this hard to find new products to review, but it has been. Time to change strategies. Evolve or perish, right?

Lofty goals for the future of Energy Drink of the Month series

PissedOffandPoisonousNow featuring Energy Drink of the Month – The Look Away series.

Okay, it’s a working title but the GreenEyedGuide blog is nothing without its eye-related puns. If grocery stores and gas stations continue to provide the same paucity of options, it’s time to start dissecting the poor options with constructive criticism. Up til this point, I’ve simply avoided the products I don’t look kindly upon. However, to continue this series in a robust manner, I must confront the products I dislike. This will be a different side of GreenEyedGuide, but perhaps reviewing the undesirable options will throw the healthy alternatives we’ve already reviewed in even better light.

#TheMoreYouKnow #YouveBeenWarned



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  • Blogs are always a good read. Hopefully, you will have less pressure after the wedding. Take time to just B R E A T H E!!!

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