What is “Evidence”? From Food Babe to Dr. Oz to Peer-Reviewed Journals and more

What do you consider a trustworthy source? This is such a FASCINATING dialog! A discussion on what constitutes “evidence”, and the answers and ideas are not theoretical. This discussion encompasses Food Babe-isms, whether or not you can trust Dr Oz, what’s wrong with trusting a peer-reviewed study, what constitutes “proof”, the proliferation of bad science through social media, and so much more.

I HIGHLY recommend this webcast, whether you’re a scientist or a consumer who’s confused about who you can trust or fed up with the science flip-flops in the media (e.g. butter is bad, butter is healthy; coffee is bad, coffee is good etc.)


 In this roundtable discussion, academics, members of the media, and other experts in the field discuss imparting evidence-based science, specifically with respect to vaccines, genetic modification, and wifi/radiation, to the public. The conversation is moderated by Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society.

Participants include:
– Bill Brownstein, City and Cultural Life Columnist, The Montreal Gazette
– Dr. Ariel Fenster PhD, Office for Science and Society, McGill University
– Dr. Kevin Folta, Professor and Chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida
– Dr. Kenneth Foster PhD, Professor, Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania
– Dr. Geoffrey Kabat PhD, Professor of Epidemiology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University
– Dr. Christopher Labos MD, McGill University
– Dr. Bruce Lennox PhD, Dean of Science, McGill University
– Dr. Paul Offit MD, Chief of Infectious Diseases, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
– Julie Payette, Engineer and Astronaut, COO, Montreal Science Centre
– André Picard, Public Health reporter, The Globe and Mail
– Dr. Terry Polevoy MD, Founder of Canadian Quackery Watch
– Dr. Aaron Rosen MD, McGill University
– Joe Schwarcz PhD, Director, Office for Science and Society, McGill University
– Lorne Trottier, co-founder Matrox and founder of McGill University’s Trottier Public Science Symposium
– Dr. Brian Ward MD, Professor, Medicine and Microbiology, McGill University

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