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When Energy Drinks Dress Up Like Workout Supplements

>>Part I: Pre- and During Exercise supplements

Energy drinks may have started as highly caffeinated soda wannabes, but now there are energy drinks that resemble herbal teas, some that resemble bottled water, and some that resemble workout supplements. The evolution of the energy drink market is like the transformation of the 5K (back in my day we just ran; there was no mud, glow sticks or colored dust involved). Yet for every sport, there are limitations, and caffeine is no different. Does caffeine belong in a pre-, during- or post-workout supplement?

>>Part II: Post-exercise supplements

Energy drinks are evolving, and many big name brands have come out protein-caffeine combinations that walk the line between energy drink and workout supplement. Caffeine may have a place in your daily routine, but does it belong in your workout supplement regimen? In Part I, we discussed the benefits and limitations of including caffeine in a pre- or during-workout supplement. In Part II, we evaluate the pros and cons of including caffeine in a post-workout supplement.

Don’t Play Favorites — Caffeine, Drop Sets, and the 5 Levels of Fatigu

When I tell people I wrote a book on energy drinks, they often ask, “What’s your favorite?” But picking a favorite energy drink is like choosing what shoes I’m going to wear: it depends on where I’m going, what I’m doing, my mood, and the rest of my outfit. The secret to finding the best energy drink for your body is just like choosing what exercise to do at the gym: it depends on your goals, schedule, fitness level, and what’s available in terms of space or equipment. (read it here –>)

Food Science and Traveling: 5 Convention/Expo Essentials

I don’t always travel for work, but when I do, I always have five essentials. These five items ensure I don’t get stuffed up, bloated, undernourished, or worse, hangry. When I don’t have room in my luggage, I know I can find these five essentials almost anywhere my travels take me. Better yet, I know I can take these five essentials anywhere because they don’t require refrigeration or cooking. (read it here –>)

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Learn how Guarana is different from coffee, and what panax ginseng has to do with the movie Speed or the book Flowers for Algernon. Learn which B-vitamin can damage your nerves if over-ingested, and how to use the 5 Levels of Fatigue to find the perfect energy drink for your own needs and lifestyle.
The Energy Drink Guide — your one-stop reference for the common energy drink ingredients: what they are, where they come from, what they (are supposed to) do, and how much is too much. (available through iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more)

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