Patreon, Age of Ultron, There and Back Again, and Supplement Reviews in Planning

Some quick news from the Green-Eyed Guide

I’ve started a Patreon site, calling all Patrons

This site helps me engage with my followers so I can provide more of the content you so heartily crave. This site also helps me work off the payments I made to my publisher for publishing my first book, Are You a Monster or a Rock Star: A Guide to Energy Drinks — How They Work, Why They Work, How to Use Them Safely. You can read more about what happens when I reach my goals and your special prize for a $1/month contribution at the Patreon site –>

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Gymnastics vs Crossfit, Hobbit/Storywonk and Age of Ultron

My goal since starting college has always been to help people see products the way I do, hence “Green-Eyed Insight”. I’ve taken the insight normally devoted to energy drinks and food science to the gym, and I’ve started recording WorkoutWednesday videos. These videos feed my craving/nostalgia for gymnastics, and also help me respond the the atrocity that Crossfit calls a pull-up. #YoureDoingItWrong

You can catch the latest WorkoutWednesday video below. In this video, I show you how to make basic leg kicks more exciting, while rocking my Marvel T-shirt in excitement for Age of Ultron. The name of this video (and the ones to come over the next 2 weeks) is “Back and There Again” as a shout-out to the Storywonk “Dear Mr. Potter” series, and The Hobbit. It’s also because all these exercises are done in passes: one exercise there, another exercise (or the same one on your other leg) to get back.

Supplement Reviews to Come

Finally, I’ve gotten a few different requests for supplement reviews after posting an ingredient-by-ingredient review of Swish 4 Energy.

First of all, thanks for all the interest and support, and second, I am planning to get to all your suggestions. Some of the products on my To Review list include a VERY popular pre-exercise supplement. I also want to dedicate a post to reviewing and discussing a group of products that are trying to cross-over into new markets (it’s like when you’re reading a How To book and it suddenly feels more like an autobiography).

As always, thank you for all your views and support, your feedback, and even your constructive criticism.

Advice of the day: Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

— Green-Eyed Guide

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