What Consumer Testing is REALLY like for a Food Scientist

I never thought a food science degree would involve me sitting on the floor, surrounded by papers, FedEx envelopes, and tiny silver pouches filled with something I’d been working on for the last year. And yet, this is usually how it’s done.

Through my other blog (GreenEyedGuide.blogspot.com), I share a series of posts in which I share snippets of what it’s like to be a food scientist. As a product developer for dry powder shakes, there are some lessons I never learned in school and some challenges I never saw coming. 

This Guest Blog below is courtesy of my friend and colleague, Alex Funk.

A Day in the Life of a Food Scientist: Consumer Testing Edition

After months of formulating a product and completing numerous shelf life studies, there comes a time when you want to see if your consumers will like and accept it. You can become quite enamored with your product, and you should, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be successful in the marketplace. (…read the rest here —>

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The true story behind Consumer Testing

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