I Ate the Whole Thing – a food label hypothetical

Canned soup, popcorn, sports drinks — these are just some of the products that are often consumed as a whole, despite the label’s suggestion that there are multiple servings inside. The FDA’s full proposal for label updates is over 100 pages and will be reviewed in a later post. One of the most interesting proposed changes affects serving sizes:

Change the serving size requirements to reflect how people eat and drink today, which has changed since serving sizes were first established 20 years ago. By law, the label information on serving sizes must be based on what people actually eat, not on what they “should” be eating.

From “Proposed Nutrition Facts Label At-a-Glance

As a hypothetical exercise, I took a few favorite products and used MyFitnessPal’s nutrition database to calculate what the labels would say if they really did reflect how people really eat.

Join the conversation – would any of these revised labels change your likelihood of eating the whole container? What other foods are commonly consumed per container instead of by the recommended serving? Which food label would you choose if you had to pick between the three the FDA is proposing?

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