Reflecting and Looking Forward — Big News for the Green-Eyed Guide

Perhaps it’s because my mind works in check lists and bullet points. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working hard to improve my understanding of botanical ingredients and strengthen my relationships with ingredient suppliers. Perhaps it’s because I sometimes make royal messes when I weigh out dry powder ingredients (see previous post – “The Xanthan Gum Disaster“). For whatever reason, I’ve been promoted from R&D Food Technologist to R&D Quality Assurance Specialist (see “What I Do When I’m Not Blogging“).

I see the projects I’m handed as a reflection of the confidence my team holds in my abilities, and thus the big expectations for me have filled me with excited determination. It reminds me of the first time my mom handed me the keys to the car and said “Okay, you can drive this time.”

Driving Frog
Oh I’m getting somewhere..

I couldn’t be happier, but during this transition I’ve been incredibly busy. I apologize for not posting on a more regular basis but I intend to make up for that. Here’s what lies in store for the month of March:

Upcoming Posts for March on

  • Honorable Mentions – products that aren’t quite the caliber for “Energy Drink of the Month” but deserve to be discussed on a scientific basis, for better or worse (one example: “How to Spot a Bad Product“)
  • The Linger – A Food Science Horror Story; a continuation of the “Food Scientist Life” series (see other installations of this series here)
  • I Ate the Whole Thing – Green-Eyed Insight on what food labels should and could look like with the new FDA guidelines
  • Energy Drink/Supplement Dilemmas –  What the 2014  FDA guidance and regulations mean for this particular product category (related posts: “Monster Makes the Switch” and “Supplement, Drug or Drink“)
  • When Granola Bars Roam Free – Green-Eyed Insight on the most unnatural “natural” food products

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