So Cal IFT Brings Controversy, Conversation to Convention Center

On March 6, 2014 the Southern California section of the Institute of Food Technologists will host the annual “Hot Topics” conference, featuring discussions on controversial issues including GMOs, energy drinks and use of the word “natural” on food labels.

This conference is open to anyone in the food/beverage and supplement industries, from food reporters to restaurant owners; from ingredient buyers, suppliers and ‘marketeers’ to food scientists, product developers and nutritionists. The purpose of this conference is to provide information on the topics most likely to confront those in the industry:

Should I market my product as an energy drink or a functional drink? Should we label our product a food or a supplement and what happens if we pick the wrong category? Can I say this fruit juice is natural? How can we tell our consumers we just can’t do non-GM products without changing our entire business model and supply chain? 

As one of the event coordinators, I am hoping for engaging discussions and open minds so people won’t be afraid to ask questions or to answer them honestly. Especially when it comes to GMOs and energy drinks, there’s always the concern the question-and-answer portion of the presentations will turn ugly. It’s happened before.


Scheduled Speakers and Topics

Food/Beverage or Supplement? Guidelines and watch-outs for marketing in either category  Justin J. Prochnow, Attorney/Shareholder with Greenberg Traurig, LLP

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Biotechnology: How different companies are handling the issue and how to address the issue with your consumers John Ruff, Former IFT Chair, and Connor Link, Sr. Digital/Social Media Editor for New Hope Naturals Media

 Related Articles on John Ruff: IFT Presidents Put Science and Innovation in the Spotlight

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Satiety, A Balancing Act: Hunger, satiety and the role of taste and smell in food preference Dr. Richard Mattes, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition, Purdue University

Related Articles by Dr. Richard Mattes: Effects of non-nutritive sweeteners on appetite and food intake

The ‘Natural’ Perspective: What this term means to industry and to consumers Catherine Adams Hutt, PhD, RD, Chief Science & Regulatory Officer, Sloan Trends

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The Southern California Food Industry Conference (SCFIC) will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center Marriott on March 6, 2014 from 8:30am – 4pm.  Winners of the SCFIC Gluten-Free Product Development Student Competition will be announced and awarded during lunch.

For More Information/to register for the Food Industry Conference:

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